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Wine glasses

A Little Bit Of Wine Can Make Any Day A Good Day!

Give your best wine the glass it deserves with our collection of wine glasses. The KONUNGSLIG wine glasses are mouthblown so each piece is unique (just like you!). The delicate details on the wine glass make it perfect for special occasions. Or check out the FLIMRA goblet that has a large bowl which helps the wine’s aromas and flavours to develop better, enhancing your experience with every sip. And for the perfect clink when you raise your glasses - check out the STORSINT wine glasses made from crystalline. WIne glasses from this series is specially designed for complex white wines that need slightly more room to highlight all the aromas and flavours.

Red Or White Wine Or Some Bubbly Champagne - The Perfect Glass For Your Drink Is Here

Our collection of wine glasses has a wide mix of choices for you. So pick your favourite wine glasses (single or as a set) depending on your style or occasion. Check out the KONUNGSLIG wine glasses - these wine glasses have been mouthblown by skilled craftspeople so each piece is unique in its own right. Or check out the STORSINT wine glass set of 6 - get the entire set so you can instantly build your glassware collection. Or check out the SVALKA wine glasses that also come in a set of 6 - we designed it with large bowls so your wine aroma’s and flavours can develop better letting you enjoy every sip. ANd for your red wine, we have the DYGRIP red wine - specially designed to enhance the flavour of red wine, the wine glasses from this series has a large round bowl. And for a little rustic vibe, check out the wine glasses from the  FRAMTRÄDA wine glasses. We designed it to be both simple and elegant so it’s perfect for both everyday use as well as romantic dinners for two