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Turn Your Kitchen Into A 5-star Chinese Restaurant 

Our range of woks will have you cooking your best Chinese recipes with ease and so much fun! Check out our OUMBÄRLIG wok that comes with a long handle on one side so you can keep the wok at a distance when you toss your noodles or stir-fried veggies. Or check out the IDENTISK wok if you want one with a lid. We designed it to be light for easier handling. And our ALTICKA wok comes with a stainless steel lid to reflect heat down to the food so it cooks faster and you save energy!

A Serving Of Tasty Dinner Coming Right Up!

Now serve delicious meals every day using our collection of woks. Check out our OUMBÄRLIG wok - we gave it a thick base with a layer of aluminium in between so it heats evenly and reduces the risk of burning. And since it’s made of stainless steel it’s highly durable and super easy to clean. For a wok with a glass lid, there’s the SKÄNKA wok - you can always keep an eye on what’s happening inside even with the lid on. And the FRUKTKAKA wok is designed in the desi kadai style for all your Indian gravy recipes. And our woks from the IDENTISK and TOLERANT range are light in weight for easy handling. Also, all our woks have two handles so you can lift them easily. And we gave them a non-stick coating so you can cook easily and clean it quickly after as well!

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