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Grill pans

Yummy Meals Coming Right Up!

Whipping up that late-night grilled sandwich or making a perfectly juicy steak for lunch, cooking made easier with our range of grill pans. Our IKEA 365+ and GRILLA collections come with a non-stick Teflon coating that cares for the environment. The durable and high-quality aluminium pans also distribute heat evenly making sure your meals turn out delicious. Easy to clean and compatible with energy-efficient induction hobs, the pans give you the perfect incentive to get back into the kitchen. 

Making That Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is Now Easier

Try your hand at cooking a romantic dinner for your spouse with our collection of grill pans. Coated with non-stick Teflon, the pans make it easier to whip up your favourite dishes. You can check out our IKEA 365+ range, an aluminium pan that distributes heat evenly and leaves appetising grill marks on the chicken, fish or veggies you cook. Since it’s made completely out of metal it’s safe for use in the oven too. Or, you can explore our GRILLA range of grill pans, made of aluminium and complete with a beech handle, like the IKEA 365, lets your food cook faster and saves up on energy. As we care for your health and the environment, no PFOA is used to create the non-stick coating on the pans. 

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