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Sauce pans

Creamy Pasta Sauce Or Palak Paneer - We Have Just The Saucepan For You 

Our collection of saucepans has stainless steel ones which last you a really long time or you could go in for the non-stick ones made from lightweight aluminium so you can move it to the dining table with ease when it’s filled with food - choose your pick! To start with, check out our saucepan from the SENSUELL series - its lid has a glass window so you can always keep an eye on what’s happening inside. And with the VARDAGEN saucepan, you can cook, serve, and store the food in the same saucepan! Or check out the IKEA 365+ saucepans that have graduated interiors so you can directly measure the liquid in the saucepan!

Burnt Food? - What’s That? 

All our saucepans have thick bases and walls with a layer of aluminium in between, so the heat is spread evenly and your food does not burn or stick. Check out the SENSUELL saucepans - made of stainless steel so it’s durable and can bear your high cooking demands. Its lid has a steam vent to release pressure - this way the food inside won’t boil over easily. And the SKÄNKA saucepans come with a Teflon® Select, a hard wearing non-stick coating that allows you to cook with little fate so you can keep you and your family healthy. Or check out the OUMBÄRLIG saucepan - you can even use it in the oven since it’s entirely made of metal! And if you’re looking to build your cookware collection get this KAVALKAD saucepan set which includes saucepans of three different sizes. And to cook tadka for your dal - check out our seasoning pan from the BRUNSOPP series - its metal handle has a stand which lets it stand straight when placed on the hob. And thanks to the loop on its handle - it’s also easy to store after you’re done using it!

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