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Pretty And Practical - That’s How We Designed Our Baskets!

Organise your home with our collection of baskets and give everything a place so it’s out of the way but close at hand. Check out our baskets from the SNIDAD collection. This rattan basket is hand-braided by skilled craftsmen. Use it in your bathroom to keep extra towels handy or in your bedroom to store your bed linens. Or for something a little contemporary, check out the PUDDA basket with soft felt fabric and shiny brass buttons - when not in use, undo the buttons and fold it flat to store it. Or check out the TJILLEVIPS handwoven bamboo basket - it comes complete with a lid!

Storage That Adds Style To Your Home

Our collection of baskets has something for everything you need to store - don’t worry about the size we have something that’ll fit big, boxy things, your hard-to-find earrings, or even for your fruits! Check out our handwoven baskets from the TJILLEVIPS series - it’s made of banana fibre and adds an ornamental touch to wherever you choose to place it. Or check out the SNIDAD basket if you’re a sucker for fine, delicate details - use it in your bathroom or in your living room to keep important things close at hand. We gave it plastic feet to protect your floor from scratches. And out smaller baskets from the NYSKÖRDAD collection if perfect for your keys, earrings or any other knick-knacks you want close at hand. And for your fruits and veggies, we have the RISATORP basket - it has a steel mesh for ventilation so your food stays fresh longer!

Check out our collection of storage boxes for additional storage solutions around your home!