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Secondary storage boxes

For Things You Want Close At Hand But Out Of Sight 

If you love organising, you’ll love our collection of secondary storage boxes. Check out our SAMLA box with lid - it’s transparent so you can see what’s inside without opening it. And no matter how heavy the box gets you can move it around easily since it’s on wheels! And for your media accessories and craft supplies, the MANICK box with lid is the answer - the box is made of steel which makes it very durable and it has a label holder so you can compartmentalise similar things in a box. Or for something more versatile check out the SORTERA waste sorting bin - while it’s good for sorting your waste, it’s also practical for storage as you can easily access what’s inside the box even when stacked since it has a foldable lid.

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More optionsRYKTA Storage box with lid 9x24x7 cm/0.5 l (3 ½x9 ½x2 ¾ "/0 gallon)

RYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 12x18x12 cm/1.5 lRYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 18x24x12 cm/3.5 lRYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 24x36x23 cm/14.5 lRYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 36x50x35 cm/44.5 l

More optionsPANSARTAX Storage box with lid 33x33x16.5 cm (13x13x6 ½ ")

PANSARTAX Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 16.5x16.5x16.5 cmPANSARTAX Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 33x33x33 cm

More optionsPANSARTAX Box with castors and lid 33x33x40 cm (13x13x15 ¾ ")

PANSARTAX Box with castors and lid, transparent grey-blue, 33x33x23.5 cm

More optionsSORTERA Waste sorting bin with lid 37 l (10 gallon)

SORTERA Waste sorting bin with lid, white, 60 l
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The many uses of storage boxes

We often organise things in cardboard boxes or bags that are then put into other cardboard boxes or bags. Storage boxes replace cardboard boxes as a more practical and durable storage solution.

  • You can use storage boxes to separate and organise things on a shelf
  • Storage boxes help make the most of shelving by creating a stackable storage solution
  • When you use clear storage boxes, it is easier to see what each box contains and find what you are looking for without opening the box.
  • If you do not want the storage boxes to be transparent, you can opt for the UPPSNOFSAD storage box design. It is opaque so that you cannot see through the box. It has grooves under the box that enables stacking the boxes with every alternate box stacked sideways so that you can look into each box. 

How to organise your storage using storage boxes

Go through your belongings and sort them into three categories:

  • Deep storage: Some things we store are very rarely accessed. They are preserved mostly for sentimental value. Such items should be categorised as deep storage. Deep storage items should be placed in deep storage boxes with secure lids and stacked in shelves that you do not access often. Sturdy boxes like the  MANICK box with a lid are decorative to look at and easy to access with pull handles. Certain delicate items may need acid free storage and should be handled and stored accordingly.
  • Seasonal storage: Items that are used seasonally or occasionally should be separated as seasonal storage items. These items in storage boxes should be easier to access but out of the way of your everyday tasks. This could include party decorations, seasonal decor, camping equipment, extra place settings for parties and travel items. 
  • Frequently used items: These items should ideally be stored where they are easy to access. Things that you use every day can be stored in baskets or storage boxes that are an arms reach away from your work area. Storage bins and boxes for frequently used items serve to organise and sort them. The  MALLGRODA box with a lid is a decorative way to keep everyday things close at hand yet out of sight to reduce clutter. 

Other uses for storage boxes

  • Small items: Storage boxes are convenient to keep small things neatly organised and stacked. These could be screws, nuts and bolts that you use for household maintenance and DIY. Storage boxes are also handy in the kitchen to sort related items. For example, you could store all the equipment you use to ice a cake in one box. Storage boxes are also handy within the house for sorting stationery, toys, craft supplies and hair accessories. 
  • In-drawer organisation: A set of storage boxes without lids are very useful to create compartments within a drawer. The boxes also make it easy to take out the box you need and replace it in the drawer when you are done. 
  • Waste sorting: If your locality encourages waste sorting, composting and recycling, you can create an organised sorting system using the SORTERA waste sorting bin with a lid. 

To organise smaller things like clips, jewellery, pins - check out our collection of baskets!