Secondary storage boxes

For Things You Want Close At Hand But Out Of Sight

If you love organising, you’ll love our collection of secondary storage boxes. Check out our SAMLA box with lid - it’s transparent so you can see what’s inside without opening it. And no matter how heavy the box gets you can move it around easily since it’s on wheels! And for your media accessories and craft supplies, the MANICK box with lid is the answer - the box is made of steel which makes it very durable and it has a label holder so you can compartmentalise similar things in a box. Or for something more versatile check out the SORTERA waste sorting bin - while it’s good for sorting your waste, it’s also practical for storage as you can easily access what’s inside the box even when stacked since it has a foldable lid.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Boxes

For everything from your bulky tools to precious china - we have a box! And details like see-through boxes and label holders make it easier to find what you need instantly. Check out the SAMLA box with lid - even the biggest, heaviest box is easy to move around as it has 4 adjustable castors. And since it’s transparent you can know what’s inside without having to open it. And the SOCKERBIT storage box is perfect for your seasonal clothes or extra bed linen and it’s will easily fit under your bed. The lid is foldable and opens from two sides. The label holders make it easy to find what you need. ANd for smaller accessories or jewellery, check out the MALLGRODA box - it’s elegant and stylish. And with its soft wood-like finish it looks like a decorative piece just by itself. But for bulkier items turn to the SORTERA waste sorting bin that you can also use for practical storage. Boxes from the same series are stackable and details like foldable lids make it easy to access what’s inside even when they’re stacked.

To organise smaller things like clips, jewellery, pins - check out our collection of baskets!