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Bed linen

Good Night And Sleep Tight

Whether you like to make your bed or not, you can’t deny that the right bed linen makes your bedroom cosier. They even make your room look good with their playful colours and patterns. And as we've created them with sustainable and soft materials, our linen, from the elegant PUDERVIVA quilt cover combo to the durable cotton KLIBBARV flat sheet, strives to help you sleep better. There’s our NATTJASMIN to keep bunched sheets from disturbing your snooze and the LENAST pad to keep bumps from ruining your baby’s nap. The perfect beauty sleep is yours!

Off to university, off to sleep

Well-rested students perform better than their sleep-deprived peers. Be sure to bring bed linen and a pillow (which type fits your sleeping style?) that are up for the task. That is, that they are as stylish as they are crisp and comfortable.

A VILDKORN stomach-sleeper pillow and a VILDKORN side-back-sleeper pillow on a bed made with TRÄDKRASSULA bed linen.
A hand putting a blue-and-white TRÄDKRASSULA pillowcase on a VILDKORN side/back-sleeper, high pillow.

Textiles to touch up your bedroom

Summer not only brings brighter days, but also lighter evenings and nights. Why not rise to the occasion and renew your bedroom? New pops of colour, fresh bed linen and a change of wall art that will light up your bedroom round the clock.

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A slanted-ceiling room with a bed made with JUNIMAGNOLIA blue-and-white-patterned bed linen and pink textile accessories.
A brown, curly dog atop a bed made with JUNIMAGNOLIA blue-and-white-patterned bed linen.
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You can never have too many hearts

LYKTFIBBLA duvet cover sets are easy to love. They’re soft when you sleep and they’re made of recycled polyester and cotton from more sustainable sources.

A pillow sits on a roughly folded duvet. Both the pillow and the duvet are inside grey and white LYKTFIBBLA bed linen.
The corner of a pillow that's lying on top of a duvet, all covered in grey and white LYKTFIBBLA bed linen.

The bed linen you choose can be a statement about who you are and what you like. Colours, patterns, design and even the fabric tells a tale of your taste. But except the esthetical part, bed linen and bedspreads, and an overall bedding sets are really all about comfort. How do they feel against your skin? Do they help you maintain an even body temperature at night?

Bedlinen in the right material

Roughly, you spend one third of your life sleeping. Which also means you spend roughly one third of your life wrapped up in bed linen. That’s why we make sure all our bedclothes and bed linen are made from quality materials that will feel soft against your skin and help you maintain an even body temperature at night.

All materials we use for our bedding sets breathe well, allow good ventilation and absorb moisture – all to keep you comfortable through the night.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

Not only is all our bed linen soft and well ventilated, some are also extra friendly towards the environment. We have a wide selection of bedclothes made of materials from sustainable sources. That means you can make a conscious choice about what kind of impact you want to have on the planet. And again, you can use your bed linen to make a statement about who you are and what you value. The conscious choice will hopefully help you sleep even better, both physically and mentally.

Don’t forget the sheet

We also have a wide selection of sheets in different colours and materials to go with your duvet covers and pillow covers. Some of our sheets are fitted with an elastic edging that goes around the edges of your mattress. This helps keep your sheet in place even if you tend to toss and turn at night. It also helps keeps the sheet less wrinkled since it’s held stretched by its elastic edges.