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Paper & media boxes

Storage So Pretty, It Adds To Your Decor!

We love boxes - they make organising so much easier and help you clean up in a flash! Just like the PALLRA mini chest - it comes with 3 drawers so it’s perfect to organise smaller things like stationery, pins, jewellery or other knick-knacks. For a more rustic vibe, check out the KVARNVIK storage boxes - it comes in a set of 3 of different sizes. Woven paper on the outside gives the box a natural texture. It’s perfect to store your scarves and other accessories. And our storage box from the FJÄLLA series has a beautiful floral design. It’s the perfect size to store papers, games, or even clothes. 

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More optionsKUGGIS Box with lid 18x26x8 cm (7x10 ¼x3 ¼ ")

KUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 18x26x8 cmKUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 13x18x8 cmKUGGIS Storage box with lid, turquoise, 26x35x15 cm

More optionsNOJIG Organiser 10x20x5 cm (4x7 ¾x2 ")

NOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 15x20x5 cmNOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 10x10x5 cmNOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 25x35x5 cm

More optionsHARVMATTA Box with compartments 24x18x6 cm (9 ½x7x2 ¼ ")

HARVMATTA Box with lid, light beige, 12x24x6 cmHARVMATTA Box with lid, anthracite, 24x35x6 cm

More optionsRYKTA Storage box with lid 12x18x12 cm/1.5 l (4 ¾x7x4 ¾ "/0 gallon)

RYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 9x24x7 cm/0.5 lRYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 18x24x12 cm/3.5 lRYKTA Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 24x36x23 cm/14.5 l

More optionsNIMM Storage box with lid 25x35x15 cm (9 ¾x13 ¾x6 ")

NIMM Storage box with lid, light grey-beige, 32x30x30 cmNIMM Storage box with lid, grey-green, 25x35x15 cmNIMM Storage box with lid, grey-green, 32x30x30 cm

More optionsVARIERA Box 24x17 cm (9 1/2x6 3/4 ")

VARIERA Box, grey, 24x17 cmVARIERA Box, green, 24x17 cmVARIERA Box, black, 24x17 cm

More optionsDRÖNA Box 33x38x33 cm (13x15x13 ")

DRÖNA Box, blue/black patterned, 33x38x33 cmDRÖNA Box, dark grey, 33x38x33 cmDRÖNA Box, red, 33x38x33 cm

More optionsSPINNROCK Box with compartments 25x16x10 cm (9 ¾x6 ¼x4 ")

SPINNROCK Box with compartments, white, 32x25x10 cm

More optionsRISATORP Basket with compartments 33x24x11 cm (13x9 ½x4 ¼ ")

RISATORP Basket with compartments, white, 33x24x23 cm

More optionsUPPDATERA Storage box 24x32x15 cm (9 ½x12 ½x6 ")

UPPDATERA Storage box, light bamboo, 16x24x15 cm

More optionsPANSARTAX Storage box with lid 33x33x16.5 cm (13x13x6 ½ ")

PANSARTAX Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 16.5x16.5x16.5 cmPANSARTAX Storage box with lid, transparent grey-blue, 33x33x33 cm

More optionsTJENA Storage box with lid 25x35x20 cm (9 ¾x13 ¾x7 ¾ ")

TJENA Storage box with lid, white, 35x50x30 cmTJENA Storage box with lid, white, 32x35x32 cm
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Organise In A Flash!

Organising should be easy and fun. And there can never be too many boxes when you love being organised! And that’s why our collection of paper and media boxes are designed to be practical and stylish. Our mini chest from the PALLRA collection comes in multiple colour and has fish-like scales on them. There are 3 drawers so you easily compartmentalise smaller things and always keep them close at hand. And for things like your craft supplies or other tools - the MANICK box with lid is the perfect one. It’s made of steel so it’ll last you a long time. It also has label holders so you can group similar items together in a box! And one of the most versatile storage boxes are from the SOCKERBIT series - the size of the box allows you to hold anything from bulky seasonal clothes to sports items. Its built-in locking function makes sure that lid is always in place to keep dirt and dust out. And the FJÄLLA storage box is nothing less than a decorative item sitting on your shelf. It’s practical with details like label holders and handles. 

Check out our collection of secondary storage boxes for things you want out of sight but close at hand.