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A living room with traditional feel and modern glimpses

Rooted in a hand-picked, timeless mix of styles, this living room is devoted to drawing people into it and making it easy for them to meet. Placement and material choices enhance a feeling of symmetry and calm.

A living room with two facing white BACKSÄLEN armchairs against a backdrop of grey HAUGA high cabinets framing a fireplace.
A living room with two facing white BACKSÄLEN armchairs against a backdrop of grey HAUGA high cabinets framing a fireplace.

The unexpected harmony in softly contrasting styles

Complementing rather than interfering with the traditional look around them, the slimline floor lamps add an elegant twist without obscuring the view of the high cabinets.

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A corner with a lit nickel-plated VIRRMO floor lamp standing between a white BACKSÄLEN armchair and a grey HAUGA cabinet.
    A light living-room corner with a grey HAUGA two-door high cabinet holding books, tableware and decorations.
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      The love-seat quality of two facing armchairs

      Using less space than a sofa, these deep-seated, traditional armchairs form a close seating area – making eye contact, conversation and a centre-of-the-room feeling part of sitting there.

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      A light, airy room with a white BACKSÄLEN armchair laden with textiles next to a ÄNGESBYN storage table with a cup on it.
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        Using the playful art of decorative repurposing

        Here, the aesthetic side of things is highlighted by placing them in an unexpected setting. Like making a bookcase of a fireplace – one that isn’t used for fires – and letting a hesitant branch become a masterpiece on the mantlepiece.

        A light living room with book stacks in a decorative fireplace, a grey HAUGA high cabinet and a white BACKSÄLEN armchair.

          Bring out the beauty in everyday storage

          The right piece of furniture turns any item into something to look at. This timeless glass-door cabinet shows off hobby paraphernalia as the art that it is, while also forming a mood-setting entity with its taller siblings across the room.

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          Sprawling bouquets of thin paintbrushes placed in a black KONSTFULL vase and a black jar, atop a HAUGA cabinet.
            A light space with art accessories and decorative objects placed on top of and inside a grey HAUGA glass-door cabinet.
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              Use your wall as a canvas

              These knob racks help create an installation of natural-fibre items, strengthened both by the baskets below and the calm of the surrounding naked wall.

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              Handcrafted items hanging from a row of HÖVOLM six-knob racks on a white wall. Below are benches with decorative storage.
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                A set DANDERYD drop-leaf table with two DANDERYD chairs stand in the middle of a light, airy living room.

                A different view of the same space

                It’s part of the same room, but definitely worth a separate visit. Take a closer peek at the inspiring dining area.

                Step into the dining hall