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How to choose the right duvet size and tog

Need a duvet but don’t know which one to choose? Not sure about materials and temperature? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out the differences between them all. To find the right one for you. Because a good day starts with a good night’s sleep.

What material do I need?

Microfibre: Easy maintenance

Microfibre is a light, synthetic material which is super soft and creates that feeling of a down filling. Duvets made from synthetic fibres are comfortable, very easy to maintain and provide excellent insulation from the cold. They can be machine washed as often as needed, making them the ideal option for homes with children or people with allergies.

A person covering her bed with STJÄRNBRÄCKA Warm duvet.

Down and feather: Maintain body heat

Feather and down are natural materials. They “breathe” well and are very good at absorbing moisture. The feathers offer excellent comfort, breathability and consistency to the duvet, while the down is softer, fluffier and lighter. They create a warm and dry sleep environment so you can relax all night long. The feathers we use to make our duvets never come from live animals. See all down and feather duvets

When sustainability and comfort go hand in hand

Down & feathers have a natural smell which disappears once you have taken the duvet out of the package and aired it for some time. Alternatively, you can wash this type of duvet before use. We recommend to air your down & feather duvet well when you wake up in the morning. This allows any moisture to evaporate before putting the duvet back on the bed. Where possible, air out in direct sunlight. Natural sunlight helps to disinfect your duvet. To wash your down & feather duvet, set the washer to a delicate warm water cycle (60°C or 140°F). Wash the duvet separately and only use one third of the normal amount of detergent. Learn more here

How do I wash my duvet?

All our duvets can be washed at 60ºC, the temperature at which mites die. Our synthetic fibre and lyocell duvets can be washed frequently, making them ideal for homes with children.Our duvets made from natural materials such as feather and down are also suitable for machine washing, but it is recommended to do so less often and to add several tennis balls to prevent the feathers from becoming compacted. See SILVERTOPP duvet

Store your duvets throughout the year

Seasons come and go and it is a good idea to change your duvet when spring comes while storing the old one until the weather turns. Vacuum packing can save precious space and is easy to do. We have not only vacuum-sealed bags but also a wide range textile storage solutions.

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