As the weather warms up and the days get longer, taking life outdoors looks more and more appealing. Whether you have a great big garden, petit patio space, or a balcony that’s just about big enough for two, we have plenty of garden ideas to help you make the most of the sunshine.

From rattan furniture to garden party accessories, it’s easy to transform your outside space this summer. It’s time to go alfresco...

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Balcony ideas
When it comes to your outdoor space, a little can sometimes go a long way. Make the most of your balcony with our decoration, lighting and storage ideas designed specifically with balconies in mind and discover that this summer, size really doesn’t matter.

Garden party ideas
From throwing a kids’ party outside to hosting the ultimate BBQ, your outdoor space is the perfect spot to gather friends and family together under the sun. Use our ideas to make your garden, patio or rooftop the place to be this summer.

Outdoor dining ideas
There’s more to eating outdoors than just a good old-fashioned BBQ (though that’s a great place to start). As the mercury rises, find out how to bring your mealtimes – and even your whole kitchen – outdoors with our irresistible garden dining ideas.

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Transform your outside space into a living room with our garden ideas to help you take life outdoors. Check out how lightweight furniture and smart storage solutions maximise your options and minimise clutter this summer.