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Home tour: storage ideas from a small-space home

Maximising your storage can make your whole home less cluttered and more functional. Mercedes uses smart storage and organisation to make life easier in her compact apartment. Here are her ideas for each room.

Light-up letters spell "cafe" on the wall above a long shelf and the counter top and sink in this white kitchen.
Light-up letters spell "cafe" on the wall above a long shelf and the counter top and sink in this white kitchen.

1. Open up your kitchen storage. Smart storage doesn’t mean everything has to be hidden away. Keep crockery and kitchen utensils stacked on a long shelf and in open boxes on the worksurface, so everyday items are easy to reach while preparing food.

2. Use the walls in the hallway. Don’t let a hallway be wasted space. A whole wall of TRONES shoe cabinets can add tonnes of storage to a narrow hallway. “As well as shoes, we keep general household stuff hidden in there, too.”

3. Fill awkward spaces. In a compact home, every corner counts! Make the most of space under the stairs by adding small storage solutions. Baskets and boxes keep paperwork and craft supplies organised, and a low dresser is great for storing things out of sight.

4. Customise storage in the living room. Make a large storage unit more effective by adding pull-out boxes and inserts. Mix open storage with closed and choose different materials to give it a personal, customised look.

5. Stack boxes in the bedroom. Store out-of-season clothes in boxes and add labels so you know exactly what’s inside each one. Mercedes hides her clothes rails and boxes behind a curtain, rather than in a conventional wardrobe. “I can give the room a new look just by changing the fabric.”

6. Encourage creativity. Make it easy for kids to find inspiration in their bedroom. Mercedes’ daughter Emília (6) has shelves and boxes around her desk for all her colourful art supplies and toys. She picks out new pictures for her walls every few weeks and Mercedes helps her display them using washi tape.

“I’ve never lived in a big home, so I’ve learned how to be smart with storage,” says Mercedes. “We fit everything we need into whatever space we have – just like my mother did.”

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