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Console tables

Console tables make room for those things you like to have close by. You can go for a console table for behind the sofa with space for remote controls and a cup of coffee. Or choose a hallway table with storage, some shelves or drawers to keep things tidy. We have a table or two to fit your style and space.

Console tables are the perfect multifunction furniture for everything and everyone. They fit in pretty much every room of your home and can be adapted and used for anything you want. Do you need extra storage in your hallway? Turn it into a hallway table for your keys, wallets, backpacks, and winter attire. Are you looking to add a little extra something to your living room interior? Use the console table as a sideboard with still lifes of your most beloved decorations. Want to get some more workspace in the kitchen? Use it as a kitchen island or workbench. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless.

Console tables can be used anywhere

If you’re interested in neat and smart solutions, a console table is a must-have piece. It offers massive flexibility and can easily take on multiple roles throughout its stay in your home.

Depending on what you’re looking for, different designs will offer different functions. If you’re in need of storage, choose a table with shelves. Add boxes to keep order and create a neat, tidy look. If you’re looking for clean and classy, why not go for a glass console table? The tabletop made of glass is a stylish element. Just beware; dust and fingerprints will show easier and just might drive you mad.

In the hallway

If grand, site-built hallway furniture feels like a bit too much, a console table is a space-efficient replacement. They’re narrow enough to fit neatly even in cramped hallways, while still offering the storage you need. Pick one with shelves so you can add boxes for the entire family’s set of hats, scarves, and gloves. And why not use the bottom shelf for the shoes and boots?

And for the sake of practicality, you can place a bowl for your car keys and a magazine collector for the mail on the tabletop. No more panicking looking for essential items before leaving the house or sorting through a large pile of flyers to find that bill that is due that very same day. Add a lamp, a mirror, and a small flower, and you’ve hit a home run.

In the living room

Place a console table in the living room and make it work as a stylish sideboard. You’ll have both storage and a place to decorate with your favourite home accessories. Use it effectively in a smaller space, or as a standalone centrepiece in a larger room.

If you’re using your sofa as a room divider, why not place the table behind the sofa back? You’ll cover the dull sofa back while getting practical table storage within arm's reach. That way, you’ll make sure there’s enough room for all of your family members' favourite snacks on those “treat yourself” Friday nights. Or the traditional Swedish “lördagsgodis” (that’s Swedish for “Saturday candy”). Or the Sunday Cheat-day.

In the kitchen

If you’re looking to add some extra workspace or storage to your kitchen - a console table might be just the thing. The table will provide extra bench space giving you more room to work; a perfect solution for the smaller kitchen. Karate chopping the cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and the likes for your mise en place have never been easier. And if you get yourself a table with storage, you can always have knives, bowls, and cutting boards close at hand.

And if you’re not looking for extra workspace, or if you simply don’t fancy any more chefs in the kitchen, just skip the chopping tools. Instead, try placing your coffee and soda machine on the tabletop along with your coffee cups and water glasses. Mount some wine glass holders on the wall above for that extra fancy restaurant feel.

In the office or bedroom

Perhaps you’ve got yourself a smaller office? Maybe a corner in your home is doubling as work- or study space? Or do the kids prefer a bigger bed over a large desktop? If that’s the case, a smaller console table could be a good fit. It won’t take up as much space as an proper desk but can still offer the same functionality. Choose a console table in a colour that matches the rest of your interior, and it’ll do the trick wherever you place it.