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Soft toys

Lions, tigers and teddy bears...oh my! Meet our soft cuddly toys. All of them are champs at hugging, comforting, and listening to children, plus they love play and mischief. And because it's our first priority at Children's IKEA, all our toys also extensively tested for safety, quality, and durability.

Everyone needs a friend and so does your little one. At an early age, your child’s true companion is that cute cuddly bear (cuddly animal). Often you will see a kid holding a bunny, or even in a buggy in a store or on walks. 

The soft toy makes the little ones feel relaxed and warm during anxiety. A hug is all you need from your bear (I think we all have a bear) to make all the stress go away.

Your squishy friend will always be there for all your parties when you host one. Ah and those endless conversations sipping the hot cup of tea in the new tea set. 

If you are searching for a new guest to join your next tea party – you are at the right place. Whom could that be?