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Mattress & pillow protectors

A mattress protector and pillow protectors help things stay fresher and cleaner for longer while reducing general wear-and-tear. Easy to use, they’re quickly removable and machine washable. We have several, including some with a lining that regulates temperature and one that’s waterproof.

Keep your bed fresh with mattress and pillow protectors! A mattress protector will protect your mattress from stains and dirt as well as prolonging its life against general wear-and-tear. An indispensable protection if your bed is exposed to shedding pets or playing children. You can also enjoy your bedtime snack or breakfast in bed without having to worry about ruining your mattress with the slightest little accident (and who doesn’t have those?). A mattress protector gives you peace of mind.

Washable and easy to keep clean

Our mattress and pillow protectors are easy to wash if they get stained or dirty. All our mattress and pillow protectors are easy to remove and machine-washable at 60°C to get rid of tough stains and dust mites. If you live in a high spill-risk household, we’d recommend you have a look at our waterproof pillow and mattress protectors. These are designed with a layer that prevents any liquids from passing through and into the pillow. This can be a real lifesaver when the dog jumps up and knocks your morning coffee out of your hand.

Mattress protectors that stay in place

We offer protectors for all sizes of pillows and beds. They have elastic edging or elastic ribbons in each corner to keep them stretched out and firmly in place. Just remember to check that your preferred mattress protector fits your mattress, since the elastic ribbons fit mattresses with different widths and heights.

Can help regulate temperature

A mattress protector can be more than just a protective cover. The ROSENVIAL series of mattress- and pillow protectors have lining with tiny wax capsules that store and release excess body heat. When your body temperature rises the capsules absorb your body heat and store it, then if your body heat drops the capsules release the stored heat to help you maintain an even temperature.