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Coffee & side tables

Remote controls, magazines, popcorn bowls… your living room table has a lot to take care of. Go sleek and minimal or ultra-organised with hidden storage. Either way, your space will get a style-boost. And your coffee cup gets a new home away from home.

Suddenly, you can’t unsee it

It’s like that sometimes. With the new HOLMERUD coffee table, the effect is twofold. First, you see its elegance and style. Then, how it completes your home. An extension of your sofa? A focal point in that odd corner? The possibilities are endless.

Two HOLMERUD oak-effect side tables holding assorted decorations meet at a perpendicular angle, framing the corner of sofa.
Two HOLMERUD oak-effect side tables with vases and other decorations are placed around the corner of sofa.

Meet the popular 44-year-old

LACK side table has been part of our range since 1979. The simple design, which people simpy love, is easy to assemble and match with other furniture, giving it timeless appeal.

A white LACK side table in a white studio space. On the table are vintage sunglasses and a 1970s rotary dial telephone.
A close-up of a corner of a white LACK side table. Part of a collage of four LACK side table images.

Now you can build a room around this coffee table

Some characters are meant to be protagonists. Of a movie. Of a story. Of the living room. With its bold design, the new FJÄLLBO storage table is a true star. Pair it with the TV bench and bookcase of the same series to set the mood for the entire room.

See the FJÄLLBO series
A black FJÄLLBO storage table holding a lone cardboard box on the bottom shelf in a bright red room.
The door of a black FJÄLLBO storage table is slightly ajar in a room with bright red walls and floors.
See the FJÄLLBO series

From snacks and drinks to magazines and scented candles - not to mention the occasional pairs of feet. For all the work your living room table does, you’d think the only thing it couldn’t carry is a conversation. Although, a thoughtfully chosen one can certainly be a conversation starter!

Few other pieces of furniture impact the style of a room as much as the living room table does. As they are often placed near the middle of the room, they will attract a lot of attention. This makes your choice all the more important for your interior design.

At IKEA, we make sure to have a wide selection of materials, styles and sizes of living room tables, giving you many options to choose from. Here are some tips on how to find the right one for you.

Living room size and shape

The height of the table affects both the look and function of the table. In front of the sofa, a lower table makes it easier to put your feet up without them getting in front of the TV. If you want to put a smaller table beside your sofa, you want to make sure that it’s tall enough to reach over the armrest. This way, you’ll have easier access to your drink, snacks or whatever else you want to have within reach.

So, are you looking for a small coffee table to store your remote? Or maybe you want a sturdy table where you can put your feet up after a long day? We’ve got you covered either way. 

Glass, wood and metal – different materials for different styles

Every material has its own characteristics and styles. For instance, a round glass coffee table gives a modern and clean impression. A smaller wooden coffee table can give your room a very traditional look, depending on which model you pick.

You can try to match your living room table with the rest of your furnishing. Or, you can choose a table that pops out with a bright colour or exciting design. And after choosing a living room table you can personalize your space even more with a matching rug. Look through our large selection of rugs in different styles, sizes and shapes to find the perfect one for you and your room.