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Cereal glass bowls at breakfast, salad or soup bowls at lunch. Whatever tasty food you use them for, we have a wide range with lots of sizes, materials and styles. Check out the rest of our dinnerware if you want to find plates that match your favourites and build a coordinated dinner set. Don't forget to check out our cutlery sets to complete your table.

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Bowls are an appreciated part of most porcelain sets. You’ll bring out the soup bowls for a hot dinner on cold evenings. Or the cereal bowls for the early morning breakfasts. A colourful one can make a boring dish more fun, and a matching set can help put that final touch on the table arrangement.

Bowls can also be used as great interior details. You can easily add a really personal touch just by spicing up your bowls or using them in new ways.

Beautiful bowls can elevate your meal

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, or visited a nice restaurant, you’ve probably noticed; It's not just about the food itself. The star of the show is often the plating. Because, as we’ve learned, we eat with our eyes too. And that means even Michelin star worthy food can be a dud if the plating isn’t on point. And in the same way, your leftover take-away curry can feel like a culinary feast, simply because you serve it in a beautiful bowl.

So, treat yourself to a nice pair of serving bowls. They’ll do the trick whether you’re cooking up a three-course dinner or making microwaved store-bought stew. Also, make sure to consider colours and shapes, so that your bowls complement your other crockery.

Decorating made easy with glass bowls

In the kitchen or living room, on the bookshelf or on the windowsill. A glass bowl can be the decoration piece you’ve been looking for. Why? Since glass, with its graceful contour, can add elegance and bursts of colour to any home. And there are so many interesting ways you can use them.

Lemons and light for a homely sight

Place a glass bowl with lemons at a prominent location in your kitchen to freshen up the look. It’s an easy way to add bright colour and instant homeliness to your kitchen, and a trick brokers often use in housing ads.

If you want to increase the cosiness factor, you can place a tealight inside your glass bowl and turn it into a lantern. Or you could put a smaller LED lighting chain inside for a warm glow in your home. The soft lighting reflected in the glass gives the room an aura of enchantment.

Pebbles and stones won’t break your bowls

If you’re aiming for a more rustic look, fill your glass bowl with shells, corals or driftwood from the beach. Or maybe use them to display wine or champagne corks in the living room. It can be a cute way to remember weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

For a classic impression, try placing some smaller flowers in the bowl to create a colourful mini bouquet. Or, if you’d rather go for something more spartan, you can fill it up with pebbles. It’ll make for a clean and minimalistic look, while adding some great texture to your room.

There are lots of creative ways to decorate with glass. So, dare to spruce up your home with some great bowls from IKEA.