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Show off your savvy

These days it’s not all about who has the biggest house with the most expensive furniture. No, these days, the real kudos comes from thinking outside the box, overcoming a problem with smarts, not money or just working with what you’ve got. In 2023 smart is the new rich, so go on, brag about your washable sofa covers, flex your water saving tap nozzle, gloat about your extendable coffee table and don’t fight back the urge to boast while you host because it’s time to ‘Show off your savvy’. 

Savvy money saving solutions

These days it’s pretty nifty feeling thrifty. Which is why we’ve pulled together our favourite savvy solutions from IKEA to help you outsmart your daily challenges with ease. Whether that is a water-saving tap nozzle, a bed that grows with your kids or a portable, energy-efficient induction hob. For those with kids and pets look no further, we even have washable sofa covers to give you peace of mind from spills. Have a look below.

See more savvy solutions
See more savvy solutions

See our favourite savvy solutions in action