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SVENSÅS Memo board, white,

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Do you also have trouble keeping track of notes and paper? Then this magnetic memo board is a perfect solution. Display things not to be forgotten ― add photos and other things that you always want to remember.

Article Number004.403.63

Product details

On this magnetic memo board you can display notes, papers and other things that you need to remember and keep track of ― perfect for places like the kitchen or a hallway.

Can be hung horizontally or vertically, choose whichever fits your space best.

  • Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.

  • Material
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating

    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • Assembly instructionsSVENSÅS Memo board004.403.63


Length: 60 cm (23 ½ ")

Width: 40 cm (15 ¾ ")

  • SVENSÅSArticle Number004.403.63

    Width: 41 cm (16 ")

    Height: 3 cm (1 ")

    Length: 60 cm (23 ¾ ")

    Weight: 1.45 kg (3 lb 3 oz)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

i like itColettei like it4
Metal memo boardYukiGood looking memo board5
Best magnetic board on theJaneBest magnetic board on the market5
Great for kids daily scheduleBREANNGreat for kids daily schedule5
very full and plush.Joannavery full and plush.4
Magnetic white boardKellyLove this product. It's exactly what we were looking for!!5
Very prettyJenniferBought for the office as an occasional whiteboard/noticeboard. Went up relatively easily and quickly. One of the panels had a slight dent in it that's not worth exchanging for, but is noticeable at certain angles. My traditional wet erase markers did not write well on it (legible but not clear) but Sharpie removed with alcohol spray works amazing actually. This is much better than any of the cheap whiteboard alternatives, and a lot cheaper than a properly built whiteboard. For anyone having issues with smears, alcohol spray + a paper towel will usually take out anything on a board, this one or a traditional whiteboard that's not just a piece of laminated paper.4
I love this! I hungSamanthaI love this! I hung it in my kitchen and used 2 command hooks to put it on the wall.5
Simp;e Magnetic boardJenniferUsing it to hold magnetic colour swatches. Does the trick.5
Marker performance inconsistency, Dry vs WetRaynI love the scalability of these boards and the ease of mounting, they work beautifully for sticky notes and magnets but seem to have a critical flaw that makes them inconsistent for erasable markers in comparison to whiteboards made with a plastic finish (These have a glossy powder coat finish). Depending on the composition of the markers you use, the ink may bead on the surface, causing anything you write to shrink and become illegible. The surface of these boards is probably too slick to allow some marker inks to stick properly, i was having issues with the black Expo Dry erase markers. My solution to this was switching to wet erase markers instead which have a thicker ink that sticks well but requires a cleaning solution and cloth to remove.3
Perfect productMdWe found what we were looking for..5
Not badFaridNot bad3
a whiteboard which isn' meant to be written on....Verified BuyerI just bought this memo board and am quite disappointed. I wrote on it with white board markers to test and wiped it off in the next few seconds. It left a stain, even after rubbing vigourously... Not to mention, the nails were not even included to hang it up!1
Literally exactly what I was looking for!Verified BuyerSo cute, exactly what I wanted. I just wanted something that I can attach cute things and important things to. I wont write on it, its more for just display. It did come with a little bubble which I noticed right away but I just covered it with paper. Its perfect, good price. So minimalistic, matches my room. gorgeous.5
Works great!Verified BuyerI had no issue erasing my dry-erase marks, and the magnetic aspect is great. Hanging it was really easy with the ledge that you install, then rest the board on the ledge.5
Do not use as a whiteboard!!!Verified BuyerAs per the product description, I used the Ikea MALA whiteboard pens to write on the memo board. After less than 1 minute, erasing the writing left a smudge and using a damp cloth with a mild cleaner also failed to remove the stain. The stain appears to be permanent. Works well as a magnetic board but this is not a whiteboard!2


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Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.