STOPP FILT Rug underlay with anti-slip, 5 ' 5 "x7 ' 9 "
STOPP FILT Rug underlay with anti-slip, 5 ' 5 "x7 ' 9 "
STOPP FILT Rug underlay with anti-slip, 5 ' 5 "x7 ' 9 "
STOPP FILT Rug underlay with anti-slip, 5 ' 5 "x7 ' 9 "

Your floor will be happy because the underlay gathers the dirt and protects it from scratching. It keeps your rug from sliding around and makes it even softer to walk on.

Article Number901.322.61

Product details

Keeps the rug in place, which reduces the risk of slipping and makes it easier to vacuum.It is easy to cut or fold the underlay, or combine several together, to fit under rugs of all sizes and shapes.The thick felt makes the rug softer and warmer to walk on.Protects the floor because it collects dirt and gravel. STOPP FILT anti-slip rug underlay can be used on all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Base fabric:100 % polyester (100% recycled)
    Use surface:Synthetic latex
    Machine wash cold, durable-press cycle.Do not bleach.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Line dry.
  • STOPP FILTRug underlay with anti-slipArticle no:901.322.61
    Width: 13 ¾ " (35 cm)Height: ½ " (2 cm)Length: 23 ½ " (60 cm)Weight: 1 lb 3 oz (0.54 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

7 ' 9 " (235 cm)
5 ' 5 " (165 cm)
41.76 sq feet (3.88 m²)
Surface density: 
0 oz/sq ft (130 g/m²)


not the bestWENDYnot the best3
Have purchased this before, keepsJOANNEHave purchased this before, keeps the rug where it suppose to stay.5
Good underlay to keep rugs from slippingHome office worker 123Bought this to use under a rug on vinyl tile. Needed something that would keep the rug from slipping in a high traffic area, and that was thin enough for a door in the area to open over the rug without having to shave down the door at the bottom. Very sticky top and bottom so that it sticks to the floor and the rug. Liked that performance so well that I bought another and cut it to fit under several small scatter rugs around the house on ceramic tile or wood floors. Only downside is it's a bit hard to handle because of the stickiness, but once it's down it works great. Was a fraction of the price of similar products I had looked at.4
Perfect under matEHNGThey stick, they hold. Do exactly what it is intended to do.5
Excellent Value for Underpadahinch82Perfect size and amazing price for this felt underpad. Makes the carpet feel nice underfoot and it does not slip.5
Rug Underlays_hillThe STOPP FILT underlay sticks to the floor wonderfully however I think it should be non-slip on both sides. I have two dogs that like to hang out in the front hall where this underlay is, under the runner (also bought at IKEA), and I'm having to constantly re-position the rug on top of the underlay.3
The rug stays right where you want itFountain_fernThe material is very sticky and feels like it is gluey but it's just fine. We bought the 5*7 and fits our rug perfectly.5
Great anti-slipFranksHomeWorks great! Keeps the rugs flat and they don’t move.5
Easy to use underlayVecamamaSaves wear and tear on the carpet and keeps it from sliding. Easy to measure and cut to size.5
2019 summerI buy this product for myself and others, its fantastic!5
JuneBug13I bought this for a carpet I own and was so impressed with the product quality!5
Keeps my 5x7 rug in place very well.Dudu QI am very happy with this purchase.5
True anti-slip12annaThis is the only product I have found that truly worked at that price.5
Perfect carpet padNiki333I bought this area rug pad for my very thin Turkish rug. It does the job and you can’t beat the price. It is made of felt like material but it actually sticks to both the rug and hardwood floor. I recommend this pad as long as you are not looking to add cushion to your rug.5
Perfect rug underpadAce68xxI needed an underpad for my rug to keep it from sliding on my hardwood floor. This works extremely well.5
Very effective and excellent valueTortoise007Sticks well. I worked alone to unfold it and lay it flat. You could get a second person to help you. Excellent value. I'd like to see a thicker one and pay more, in order to better protect the hardwood floor from the synthetic base of carpets. My understanding is that you need felt between the two and this felt is really thin.5
It work really well!Bella1803This light weight rug underlay does a beautiful job of anchoring our large rug in place. Bravo!5
Your carpets will stay put.MC001I have used this on small bathroom mats but this time used on an area rug. Works perfectly.4
Frequent buyerNot long enough for the kitchen carpet4
Difficult to open up and get flatGraphic designer from TOWhile the end result for this product fits the need (preventing my rug from slipping) I have to note that the product is so tacky (sticky) that it is very challenging to open up and get to lay flat! Takes immense strength to pull apart the folds, as it is so sticky. This might be a challenge for older people, or those with disabilities. You can't tell from looking at the package when it is plastic wrapped. Also, it is very thin, which might be what you want, but I was hoping for some thickness to add to the cushioning of the carpet that I put on top of it.2


An oriental rug’s best friend

STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip has many good qualities. First and foremost, it keeps your oriental rug in place so you don’t slip. It also protects the floor against scratches because the underlay gathers gravel and dirt. Plus, it makes the rug thicker and softer to walk on. Last but not least, the underlay protects the handmade knots from wear. Four smart qualities in one product. Practical, don’t you think?

Rug underlay with anti-slip5 ' 5 "x7 ' 9 " (165x235 cm)

$12.99/ package
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STOPP FILT Rug underlay with anti-slip, 5 ' 5 "x7 ' 9 "


$12.99/ package