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STENKOL Battery charger

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Meet the best friend of your rechargeable batteries! 4 charging slots and easy-to-understand light indicators make STENKOL battery charger easy to use. Safe, practical and quick charging from 4 hours!

Article Number505.065.25

Product details

With STENKOL battery charger you can always have fully-charged batteries close at hand.

Easy to use, just insert the batteries into the charger and connect it directly to a wall socket.

Four individual charging channels allow you to charge 1 or up to 4 batteries at a time.

Suitable both for AA and AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Turns off automatically when the batteries are fully charged, defective or too warm.

Equipped with indicator light – clearly shows the charging status.

If you’re a frequent user of alkaline batteries, over time you can save money, reduce waste and your impact on the environment by switching to LADDA rechargeable batteries and recharge them with STENKOL.

STENKOL battery charger is made of 50% recycled plastic.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Observe the polarity marks plus (+) and minus (−) and ensure correct battery insertion into charger or product.

    IKEA recommends LADDA rechargeable batteries.

    The battery is fully charged after 4-8 hours.

    The charger will stop charging when the batteries are fully charged.

    Each battery slot has an individual light indicator with two colours.

    The indicators on STENKOL have 2 colours, white and red. Start: all indicator lights are on. Stand-by mode: no lights are on. Charging: pulsing white light. Fully charged: steady white light. Error: flashing red light.

    STENKOL has safety features such as shut-off for minus delta V and 0 delta V, defect cells protection, wrong polarity protection, timer shut-off, short-circuit protection and over-heating protection.

    Charging time depends on the number of batteries and their energy capacity. For example, 4 high capacity batteries will charge in 8 hours, but 2 high capacity batteries only take 4 hours to charge.

  • Material
    Polycarbonate plastic (min. 50% recycled)

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  • Charge only Ni-MH type rechargeable batteries with minimum capacity 500mAh (AAA) or 1000mAh (AA).Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.


Height: 2 " (50 mm)

Length: 4 " (110 mm)

Width: 3 " (77 mm)

  • STENKOLArticle Number505.065.25

    Width: 3 ¼ " (8 cm)

    Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)

    Length: 4 ½ " (11 cm)

    Weight: 5 oz (0.13 kg)

    Package(s): 1

Product purchasedJAMESExcellent5
Does the job, nice color.AlinaDoes the job, nice color. Maybe a bit slow5
Great quality for this priceBogdanGreat quality for this price5
Works greatMehdiIt is easy to operate and works perfectly5
Works just as you wouldANTHONYWorks just as you would imagine plus great price.5
Decent but cheap feel charger replaced beautiful earlier versionDavidLoved the old design better in white, sharp edges, fold-in plug prongs for compact travel. This new one feels light weight and cheap. I wasn’t even sure it still charged the batteries independently based on the weight, and nearly hollow feel of the plastic.1
It's a little flimsy andHoldenIt's a little flimsy and cheap feeling, the colour is not my favourite but for the price it does what it says and that's not bad at all.5
Works wellBARRYWorks well4
Charging Made EasyVIVIANI love this little charger for rechargeable batteries (AA and AAA). The indicator lights make it quick and easy. Also, the price is right!5
My daughter and I haveHelenMy daughter and I have our own battery chargers that's why I decided to buy one for my son too.5
Amazing Feature for the MoneyWILLIAMIt's not advertised that it is capable of charging batteries individually, i.e., 1 x 4 instead of the usual 2 X 2. Minor drawback is that the plug cannot be flipped down for storage !5
Good qualityLaythGood quality3
Works greatSHERRYWorks great5
Only chargers LaddaSanjay V.This doesn't charge non-Ikea batteries. It charged my Duracells once, but it won't charge it ever since, and just flashes the red led as an error. The price is right and it charges Ikea batteries well, but it doesn't work for my mix of batteries.3
Good quality !VIVIANGood quality !5
BlinkJoylexQuality and quantity safe, satisfied and effective.5
Great inexpensive chargerKennyYou don't have to charge in pairs. 1,2,3 or 4 at a time! Also charges relatively faster than other chargers when only charging 1 or 2 batteries at a time 2.5h for AAA & 3H for AA. 5H & 6H for 4 batteries. White LED pulse when charging, solid when full. Works great!5
It's perfectirmaIt's perfect5
Easy, quick, effective.EDThe STENKOL charger is efficient and easy to use. Each battery has its own LED indicator to show charging, fully charged, or error conditions. Any quantity or combination of one to four AA and/or AAA Ni-MH batteries can be charged at the same time.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Charge and recharge

We want to help everyone enjoy a better everyday life, without compromizing the conditions for the planet and future generations. A step in that direction is that, from October 2021, we stop selling alkaline batteries and completely switch to rechargeable ones, which can be used repeatedly. To make this switch smoother we created a nice and easy-to-use charger which supports everyone in adopting new behaviours.