SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "

A perfect solution when you want privacy or want to block annoying glares on TV and computer screens. The outside light still comes through and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Article Number202.422.82

Product details

Easy to attach to your window frame. No drilling needed.Can be easily cut to the desired size.Keep the blind open in the desired position by securing it in place with the included clips.When you want to close the blind completely you can fasten it to the bottom of the window frame using the included hook-and-loop fastener.The pleated blind will stick best on smooth surfaces.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Main parts:100 % polyester (100% recycled)
    Plastic part:Polypropylene
    Clean with a dust cloth or vacuum lightly using the soft brush attachment.Do not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not dry flat.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • Check for recycling in your area.
  • SCHOTTISPleated blindArticle no:202.422.82
    Width: 1 ¾ " (5 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 35 ½ " (90 cm)Weight: 5 oz (0.15 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

74 ¾ " (190 cm)
35 ½ " (90 cm)
18.41 sq feet (1.71 m²)

Ratings and reviews

love it!Airelynnlove it!5
Comble besoin temporaireSONIAComble besoin temporaire3
good productAmitgood product5
GreatMonaI absolutely LOVE these blinds colour price and ease5
Great deal for your money!JessicaGood for temporary use. The clips don't work well to hold up the blinds but I seldom need it up anyway so it's perfect for a temporary fix! I read reviews about the stickers not working but it hasn't been a problem for me. I cleaned the surface and allowed it to dry before sticking the blinds and didn't have that problem with that at all.5
Ideal for the shelving unitELAINEIdeal for the shelving unit and our storage needs.5
Looks greatChristineI got rid of dark brown horizontal blinds in my main living/dining rooms (open concept) and changed them to the Schottis. The rooms looks bright and clean. Originally I bought one set to try in my master bedroom but the sticky strip at the top didn't hold so I hesitated buying more for downstairs until I had an idea to do a velcro hack and it works fantastic. For the price compared to curtains and rods I love these. If something happens and the blind is damaged, it is easy to replace and hang. For the price, it can't be beat. I really like these blinds. The only issue is the tabs Ikea supplies to hold them up, as they are weak and don't work very well if you want your blinds up higher. I use clips.4
Scottish blinds is easy toTatianaScottish blinds is easy to work with and they are excellent to block extra sunshine. Thanks5
Easy set upKristenEasy set up5
Great product fantastic priceJEFFREYGreat product fantastic price5
If you don’t adjust yourJiadiIf you don’t adjust your blinds much, this is a good choice5
Something"s changedstoptyeWhen I first bought this product, it was fantastic. I love that it has no hardware, as I'm a renter. The blackout effect is great; I wake up with even a pinhole of sunlight, so these let me sleep to a reasonable hour in the summer. I decided to replace them after about a year because the constant folding and unfolding had caused the paper to ware through along the creases here and there. The second time I bought them, they've been nothing but terrible, and I'll never buy these again. -The paper isn't as thick, so they blow around like CRAZY in the wind, making a huge racket and forcing me to close my window and boil so the noise doesn't keep me up -The adhesive isn't as good- the velcro is so much stronger than the adhesive, the side that's stuck to the blind itself just rips off the blind, over and over and over and over and over again, tearing the last pleat to pieces and letting the blinds blow around EVEN MORE -The plastic clips that hold the blinds up in the day are now cheap and flimsy. They need to be put under a book at night to restraighten them; if you leave them be, they stay warped out of shape and don't hold the blinds up for the day. I loved these blinds the first time I bought them. I don't know what corners they cut to save an extra few cents, but they're garbage now, and I've had a terrible sleep all summer.2
Needs to be installed twice but works greatCurt HanselmannI ordered and installed six of these blinds . First I will say they are clearly defective. However there is a work around that seems to make them perfectly usable. It Requires installing twice , and adds about 5 extra minutes to the second installation. But once they are installed I believe they are well worth the trouble. The problem is the self adhesive strip that comes with these doesn't stick very well to the fabric side of the blinds where it's installed. After hanging up six of them, the first one fell after about 2 hours , two more fell later that evening and within the next couple days they had all fallen. I re-stuck them but they fell again In short order. So here is the work around 1.Install them as per directions . Make sure that the header of your window frame where you are sticking them up is good and clean, not dusty or greasy. You want the adhesive to stick well there. 2.Wait for the adhesive strip to let go and the blinds to fall down in a crumple in the bottom of your windowsill. Yes, I know it sounds crazy LOL If they don't fall, I guess that's a bonus :) 3.with a sharp knife or scissors , cut one pleat off of the top of the blinds . Only cut one pleat, unless you want the blinds to be shorter. If you're needing shorter blinds for a shorter window, this is the stage to do it not at the original installation . You must cut an odd number of pleats off for this to work. 4.Go back and hang the blinds exactly where you hung them earlier. This time you'll notice that the adhesive strip should still be stuck to the top header of your windowsill and you will now be pressing the shiny plasticky side of the blind up to that header. It will take a little finessing to get it in exactly the right place without sticking and unsticking multiple times . 5.Press and rub The blind up to the window sill header thoroughly to ensure a good adhesion . Having done this and three very hot days later all of my blinds are still hanging and don't show any sign Of loosening. Problem hopefully solved Note you may be able to save the first installation step by using a good quality double sided sticky tape and cutting that first pleat off right from the get go. I didn't need to try that so I don't know how well it would work but it may be worth a try .4
Total blackout! Total bargain!Bart4My husband started working nights and we needed to darken the bedroom for daytime sleep - they were so good we bought some for my son's bedroom and now he sleeps later :) The price can't be beat!5
Good value overallJulierosannenancyThese blinds look slick and get the job done, but I experienced the following challenges. First, the little plastic clips that come with the product are absolutely useless. They are impossible to keep clipped and always pop off - poor design. I have yet to find a solution to this problem other than intend to buy better clips on amazon or at any other retailer. Second, I had one of the blinds fall. I guess from the tape not being strong enough. I’m not sure if this is common but I decided to staple them into the window frame with a heavy duty construction stapler. I’ll chalk it up to you get what you pay for. In this case, they’re inexpensive and get the job done. Minor design flaws to be expected.4
Cute blindmssunshine2020Great price. Easy to put up and adjustable for any size window.5
Not what I expectedSooriI bought this to darken the bedroom. I have been using it for one week only and just today it fell off! It seems the heat from the sun has caused it to fall off which is surprising because it is meant to keep out the sun! The blind itself is not too bad although it doesn't darken the room entirely but it keeps out the sun. However the glue used is obviously useless. Not worth the money.2
Nice blockCarolinabmEasy to fold and the clips help to stay in the right place.5
Perfect temporary coversdont understand aliasI bought two blinds this month for my bedroom window. They are easy to install, good look, and perfectly fit.5
Value for moneyQasimValue for money, worked well in my basement5


A safer everyday at the window

Children are the most important people in the world, and home should be the safest place in the world. That’s why we committed to removing all window coverings with cords, and come up with better solutions. So not only are all our window coverings now cordless or with inaccessible cords, but the material and the products as a whole have gone through rigorous safety testing. We’re proud to say that our window coverings have never been better – or safer.

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A safer everyday at the window

Children are the most important people in the world, and home should be the safest place in the world. That’s why we committed to removing all window coverings with cords.

Pleated blind, white35 ½x74 ¾ " (90x190 cm)

SCHOTTIS Blackout pleated blind, dark gray, 39 ¼x74 ¾ "SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "
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SCHOTTIS Pleated blind, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "