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GLIMMA Unscented candle in a metal cup

Price $ 9.99/24 pack
Burning time: 9 hr

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The glow from candles can add atmosphere to any moment – they can light up dark mornings, make a one-on-one dinner more romantic or make a room feel warmer and more inviting.

Article Number901.083.60

Product details

You can place small candles all over the home to create a soft and pleasant atmosphere.

With an extra-long burning time, up to 9 hours, you can enjoy the lit candles the whole evening.


Diameter: 59 mm (2 ¼ ")

Burning time: 9 hr

Package quantity: 24 pack

Ratings and reviews

Long burningGeorgeBest long-burning candle out there.5
Larger tealights. RichardAs advertised. They burn longer and as far as I can tell, contain no soy which is a plus for me.5
Best tea light! I loveLaila MereteBest tea light! I love the size and it burns a long time and very cleanly.5
AbsolutelyFranI have been using those candles for years!5
Tea lightsLewisThey burn to fast3
Good valueKarenLooked for these elsewhere and they were almost a dollar each. So reasonably priced at Ikea and last longer than the small tea lights. Great for entertaining.5
I use these on manyRosemaryI use these on many different holders. They last long. Highly recommended5
Tea lightsMerribethPerfect burn and well priced.5
These are great!MabelThese are great!5
They workNicoleThey work5
Good quality candles for theMiraGood quality candles for the price5
Great value and a greatMaiGreat value and a great product5
I use these long lastingJohanneI use these long lasting candles all the time5
Great candles use them often.HelenGreat candles use them often.5
CandleTerryThese fit properly in the holders I have.5
Fabulous tea lightsKellyPerfect indoors or out. Burn for hours, look great!5
If you need a long-lasting tea light, this is the oneSarahThe product details say these candles last nine hours, but I've been averaging 10-11. It probably depends on the type of candle holder you're using. I really love the Glimma line. The lack of any perfumes means these are safe for me and all my guests with scent-related sensitivities. It's a clean-burning light that remains really steady until about the last hour, where it starts to flicker. Which I personally don't mind at all. It's a feature, not a bug.5
Perfect Tea LightsBillThese tea lights are a bit larger than the usual small tea lights. They are perfect for applications where the small tea lights are simply too small. Long lasting and bright, these have become my go-to tea lights. Perfect!5
long timeChristopherIndeed, I use them over two nights5

Function solution

Candles make a difference

Candles have a remarkable effect on a room, creating ever-shifting patterns of light and shadow. The warm candlelight can comfort you, help you relax, brighten up your early mornings, bring in romance to your intimate dinner or create an exciting party feeling. In fact, it can highlight all kinds of moments in life. Regardless if you choose to light a small or a big candle, a block candle or a tealight, you will notice the difference.