BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen

When you live in a small space you need to be clever. That’s probably why you’re looking at this bed frame with 4 spacious drawers. The BRIMNES series has several heroes that help you save space.


Product details

Ample storage space is hidden neatly under the bed in 4 large drawers. Perfect for storing quilts, pillows and bed linen.This compact bed frame fits easily in tight spaces and under low ceilings, allowing you to maximize the space in your bedroom.The storage boxes are easy to roll out and in thanks to the castors on the base.This versatile bed frame will look great with your choice of textiles and bedroom furniture.Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.The price for this combination includes SKORVA midbeam, but it is a separate product which you pick from its own shelf at the store. If you buy the bed via the website, SKORVA midbeam is included in the delivery.Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.May be completed with BRIMNES headboard.Designer

IKEA of Sweden/K Hagberg/M Hagberg

  • Bed frame with storage
    Main parts/ Partition/ Drawer front:Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Bedside/ Bottom rail:Particleboard, Paper foil
    Drawer bottom:Fiberboard, Printed and embossed acrylic paint
    Bed end filling:Fiberboard, Paper foil
    Center support beam
    Galvanized steel
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Bed frame with storageAt least 80% (weight) of this product is made of wood, a renewable material.
  • This product comes as 4 packages.
    BRIMNESBed frame with storageArticle no:302.287.23This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 23 " (59 cm)Height: 2 ½ " (6 cm)Length: 82 ¼ " (209 cm)Weight: 87 lb 1 oz (39.50 kg)Package(s): 1
    Width: 19 " (49 cm)Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)Length: 64 ¾ " (164 cm)Weight: 63 lb 15 oz (29.00 kg)Package(s): 1
    Width: 22 ½ " (57 cm)Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)Length: 42 ¼ " (107 cm)Weight: 59 lb 8 oz (27.00 kg)Package(s): 1
    SKORVACenter support beamArticle no:901.245.34
    Width: 2 ½ " (7 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 54 ¾ " (139 cm)Weight: 8 lb 0 oz (3.62 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Height of drawer (inside): 
7 7/8 " (20 cm)
81 7/8 " (208 cm)
62 1/4 " (158 cm)
18 1/2 " (47 cm)
Drawer width (inside): 
37 3/8 " (95 cm)
Drawer depth (inside): 
21 1/4 " (54 cm)
Mattress length: 
79 1/2 " (202 cm)
Mattress width: 
59 7/8 " (152 cm)


Nice bed framegabgagnonI bought this bed frame this month and I love it! Also the bed frame is easy to install!5
Amazing amount of storagemamie7smithI bought this bed a few years ago and while the assembly was challenging, it has proven remarkably sturdy and you simply cannot beat the amount of storage in the four drawers. Two things, I changed the drawer handles to some brushed nickel ones from Home Depot that are much sleeker and far less likely to rip open my shin and I would have liked a plain headboard to go with the bed. The only available headboard adds almost a foot to the total length of the bed and I didn’t have that kind of room. I splurged and bought the sturdiest slats and haven’t regretted it. No squeaks at all and no slippage of any kind.4
Heavy bed!!!SiemoreThis bed is heavy!!! If you consider the purchase, think about how you are going to carry the items. Obviously two people will have to carry but they are heavy and my husband and I are fairly fit. The bed is in three packages and I feel like they could make at least one more box to make the delivery/pick up of the bed easier. Some reviews mention that it is difficult to assemble. I didn't find this. It was helpful with two people as IKEA recommends anyways. We recently bought a NORDLI bed and it is quite similar in assembling - BRIMNES has a bit more steps to the drawers. Huge amount of storage, more then NORDLI it seems. This looks lovely without a headboard, especially if you are putting under a window. Have slept two nights on it with no concerns. Hopefully it will not squeak or bend as other's have reviewed. Will update review if anything needs to be added.3
Perfect small bedroom ensembleCottagySo glad we made the purchase last month5
Great, Deep DrawershappyshpperI am so glad I went with this model since it has more storage than other IKEA options (some drawers are shallower). Assembly took a long time (20 hours) even with the help of an online assembly video, and one of the white, round, plastic washers had to be filed down for one of the drawers to run smoothly. Don't forget to tightens the screws in case you have issues with the drawers, that also makes the difference!! Great, great value product.5
Horrible to assembleMorris PatriciaWhen we bought this and started assembling it ourselves, the screw starting stripping. A trip to Ikea for new screws was needed, but then some crucial parts were missing, requiring a wait for parts to come from Sweden. We had a half-assembled bed for weeks. It took so long to assemble that we called in a 3rd party company to complete the work. We recently sold our house and *thankfully* the new owner wanted some of our furniture, including this bed. I say thanfully because I can't imagine the headache of trying to disassemble & re-assemble it. Lesson learned: from now on I'm only buying bed frames that assembled & disassemble easily. I should note that the bed served us well for over 6 years with no damage or hassle but it's not for those who think they'll ever need to move it.2
Great bed, love the storageLiaa12Bought this bed for our 2 year old daughters room. Easy to assemble. Love the storage drawers. They are really big and fit so much. Very happy with the bed.5
Won"t lastJulie92345The frame does not hold its shape well, resulting in the drawers not opening/closing properly. Don't think it will last long.2
Warning: Dedicate an entire day to assemble this!Charlie1970Great looking bed! However, I wish these spacious drawers ran smoother when opening and closing. Also, I wish they could hold more weight than 44lbs. I would’ve purchased the headboard if it was slender. Perhaps, IKEA can redesign the matching headboard so it can be attached with or without shelving/storage. Side tables with low profile ball bearing wheels would be a nice addition as well. Another option would be to design floating bedside tables so it’s easier to open the drawers. Overall, I would recommend this product.4
Two large dresser for each sidekasamIt has large enough storage that I didn't need a dresser. Had to add some Skubb box compartments for clothes; otherwise socks, T-shirts, etc would get mixed up. Mom likes it; now she wants one too. Overtime, it started to squeek somewhere but not sure where it's coming from in bed.4
Not worth the timesadfaxe2020Unless you’re a wizard who can magically put this bed frame together, than don’t even think about purchasing this bed frame, and assembling it own your own. My husband is a Civil Engineer, and he is on hour 10 with this frame, it’s a good thing he also speaks Spanish ( thanks for tutorial video you provided from Spain) so helpful!! No but really, why would IKEA not improve the quality of their instructions? 50 steps of blurred photos, hand drawn...1
Excellent bed lots of storageToddieWe really enjoy the Brimnes bed. It was not all that bad to put together. Instructions were okay and two people got it together in good time. The Lonset bed slats were more of a pain but got done. This bed has plenty of storage under it. It is a great height off the flood. With my 5'4 height I did not feel I had to jump in to bed or was I falling into bed. Perfect. I did swap the the drawer pulls for Ikea Edvalla pulls. The original looked dangerous in our tiny bedroom. I am sure we would have got a few bumps and scrapes from them. The black pulls look great. We have a Douglas foam mattress on the bed. The support is great and the mattress doesn't move at all. Don't hear any squeaks I had read about. Again we love this bed!5
Good bed, poor instructionsAqua PajamasI've put together near a 100 IKEA pieces and the instruction on this unit were confusing and poorly illustrated. The metal components were not the same quality as other IKEA furniture I put together.4
Horrible bedtbellyeahI bought this bed for my son 2 years ago. So far we have had to replace the ‘metal’ center beam twice because the end has bent backwards and ripped. My son is 17 and 185 pounds only sleeps in his bed. So this morning for the second time the center beam gave way again when he was getting up. This time it took the bracket off the bed so the bed is no good so now. So now a few days before Christmas I have to go shopping for a bed and spend more money. I’ll be staying away from Ikea beds. PS beware of the handles.1
Terry8491I bought the bed in early September (2019) and I love the clean lines, and especially love the expansive storage drawers. I contracted someone to put it together for me (for fair fee), so can't review the ease of assembly (was remarkably easy for me ;-) )5
Missing HolesMom2018Hoping the bed will be great - however we can’t put it together as one board is missing all the holes. Concerned to drill them ourselves as they need to be very accurate to line up with other pieces and the finish/material may get wrecked .... now need to drive an hour and a half one way to get a new piece.2
Great storage!MaderkThis bed is perfect, the drawers are huge! The only think is that it took a good while to put it togeather but totally worth it!5
Great storageDoctor DonnaBought this frame in 2012. Love the storage space. I've designated specific drawers for seasonal clothing. The drawer handles and corners of the bed are sharp and can catch your shin or thigh. With no headboard, your pillow or other small items can slip through the crack between the mattress and wall. Easy to move. Remove the mattress and drawers. The frame is light to slide or lift with 2 people.4
Good bed frame with lots of storageArashJThis is the third bed frame I've bought from IKEA. Although the surface quality of this white bed frame (veneer quality) is not the greatest (compared to the other IKEA bed frames), this one has the advantage of having lots of storage. The drawers are large and their height is pretty good so you can save lots of space with this one. Also, I had problem with another bed frame which squeezes so much I had to return it, this one is great. Without any modification, this one is pretty silent. The manual is super clear and assembly is reasonable.4
BEWAREJaxsi bought this bed in queen size a year ago for my daughter. To save some money we did not opt for a headboard as she had the head of the bed up against the wall. yesterday we rearranged her room to have her bed in a different location. the new location now requires a headboard. we went online to see what was available. The only headboard that fits this bed has built in shelves must be tethered to a wall. THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS!!!! This means this bed is not conducive as a stand alone-meaning the head of the bed must be against a wall for it to work . Would it really be that difficult to offer a plain headboard that fits? We spent alot of money on this bed. SO FRUSTRATING!!! UGH!!!!1

Designer thoughts

"Living in a small space often presents big demands for smart storage. That’s what we wanted to solve by creating BRIMNES – a series of functional bedroom furniture with storage in every piece and at a low price. We made the bed frame with generous drawers and the headboard with room for books, magazine files and holes for cables. The wardrobe was given adjustable shelves so that you can maximize your storage. We hope you will enjoy living with this furniture in your home for a long time – regardless of whether you combine them or use them as individual pieces."

Make room in your bedroom

With the BRIMNES bedroom series you can make room for your things - even in a small space. That's because there are four large pull-out drawers in the bed frame and the headboard holds the things you need close at hand. If you need even more storage, add one or more wall cabinets.

Bed frame with storage, whiteQueen

Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.
Available to order online. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are currently experiencing some supply delays, which may impact product availability in-store and online.
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BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white, Queen