BLANDA MATT Serving bowl, bamboo, 8 "
BLANDA MATT Serving bowl, bamboo, 8 "
BLANDA MATT Serving bowl, bamboo, 8 "
BLANDA MATT Serving bowl, bamboo, 8 "

BLANDA serving bowls come in wood, metal and glass, and are available in assorted sizes – all are stackable to save space. A great option whether you are serving up a buffet or eating popcorn by the TV.


Product details

Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care and durable natural material. The serving bowls in the BLANDA series are available in several different materials and sizes to mix and match according to your tastes and needs.Stack the smaller sizes inside the larger of the same range, to save space when not in use.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Anne Nilsson

  • Bamboo, Clear nitrocellulose lacquer
    Handwash only.Not microwave-safe.Do not use utensils made of metal. They can scratch and damage the surface of the bowl.
  • Renewable material (bamboo).Renewable materials, as opposed to fossil and finite materials, come from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used up.By using a fast-growing, renewable material like bamboo instead of a fossil or finite material in this product, we save more precious resources.
  • BLANDA MATTServing bowlArticle no:202.143.40
    Height: 3 ½ " (9 cm)Weight: 12 oz (0.34 kg)Diameter: 7 ¾ " (20 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

4 " (9 cm)
8 " (20 cm)


Bought this bowl to Insta my boujie az saladsRebeccab32I love this bowl. It’s the perfect size if you like a big salad. Don’t like the title fool you. It may be a “serving bowl” but it’s perfect to serve oneself a big lo’ salad. It’s sturdy and aesthetically pleasing for all you millennials and gen zs out there.5
This is the perfect size!liv0707bought it a few days ago, honestly i havent used it yet, but on pure aesthetics, it looks absolutely adorable. it gives that added warmth in your kitchen. i would've given it 5 stars if only the price difference with the bigger one isnt just $3! essentially i think the bigger size is better bang for your buck, however i have lots of big bowls and i dont need another one. this size 8 i think will be more versatile and will be used a lot more. i love this first wooden bowl of mine. so lovely even just to look at. i love ikea!4
Sorry but Ikea so longHateikeafromthistimeThis bowl is good, like the overall style, but the package ruined everything. Even this thick bowl, I got it is cracked.3
Very goodMillennNice disain and very easy for use5
Wooden salad bowlJintI bought 2 of these because I already had 2 and wanted a set. I bought 1 first and was very happy with it so bought more.5
Lovely bowlVegan girlMy husband bought this for himself. He fell in love with this bowl when he saw it in the store. He uses it every day. It is a very nice bowl and very well made.5
Beautiful and functionallisa mulmurWe bought one two months ago and now two more for other family members to bring to our local theatre for BYOB (bowl) popcorn for a dollar a scoop (Alliston Circle Theatre). It looks so elegant and cleans up like a dream.5

Designer thoughts

"My idea with the BLANDA series was to have it contain simple, practical bowls without any unnecessary elements. That's why I chose to give them a classic design in which form and function truly go hand in hand. Since all the bowls have the same design but come in different materials and sizes, you can combine them in endless ways."

Serving bowl, bamboo8 " (20 cm)

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BLANDA MATT Serving bowl, bamboo, 8 "