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Umbrellas & bases

Looking for cool shade and protection from the sun's UV rays? Find a patio umbrella and base here. We have many shapes and sizes, including big offset patio umbrellas that give you more space underneath. Some of our options of outdoor umbrellas can even be tilted to keep the sun away all day long.

Complete your outdoor oasis with a stylish patio umbrella. It's the perfect accessory to provide shade from the hot sun while relaxing, reading or sleeping. Patio umbrellas prove just as handy in rainy weather – you can stay dry while enjoying lunch on your patio even throughout a passing shower. At IKEA you'll find different designs of patio umbrellas and bases. Find the perfect patio umbrella and base for your outdoor space.

How to find the right patio umbrella and base

You can either choose a patio umbrella and base separately or buy them together as a complete set. You’ll want to consider the sizing of your outdoor space, the amount of shade you want, and the style of patio umbrella that will complement your outdoor area.

Patio umbrellas

There are three types of patio umbrellas to choose between. There’s the classic patio umbrella on a stand, with a pole that goes in the middle. This is a common addition to an outdoor dining set equipped with a patio umbrella hole - a perfect set-up if your outdoor space is restricted, since your outdoor table and patio umbrella will occupy the same space.

If you’d like to control the shade, a freestanding or offset patio umbrella is a great option. By tilting the patio umbrella according to where the sun is, you can enjoy the cooling shade from early morning until sunset.

You can also choose the half patio umbrella and base. This is a patio umbrella and base made to fit the limited space of a balcony or a small patio. Place it along the wall or a balcony rail for safe and shaded lounging during a sunny day.

Patio umbrella bases

Patio umbrella bases support the umbrella. A sturdy base ensures stability and prevents your patio umbrella from flying off if the weather gets rough. But patio umbrella bases are not universal. They come in different shapes and weights, designed to fit specific parameters. After selecting your new umbrella, always check the product description to confirm with which base it is compatible.

At IKEA you’ll find garden umbrella bases made from heavy concrete or bases that can be filled with sand to achieve an appropriate weight. Bases do a great job of keeping the umbrella stable, however we recommend you fold the umbrella when not in use, especially during windy days. Taking proper care of your umbrellas ensures maximum durability.