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Dining chairs

Every porch, patio or balcony needs good seating

When the sun is shining, food tastes best outside. Our outdoor seating has a big choice of patio chairs and benches so everyone gets a comfy seat. We've got lots that match our tables for a coordinated look, plus sun loungers and hammocks for some serious napping after a nice lunch or just general relaxing in the garden.

When the warmer part of the year approaches, it's time to organise our outdoor spaces. We clean and sweep away leaves and dirt. We plant herbs and arrange the flowerbed. And we decorate with patio chairs and benches, to relax and enjoy our little oasis as it's coming back to life.

Patio chairs for every occasion

How to find the right patio chairs and benches depend on your outdoor space and how you like to use it. Read on to learn a bit more about our selection and how best to use them.

Be flexible with foldable and stackable outdoor dining chairs

If you have a spacious patio, you likely want to be flexible with seating. You might need a lot of seating when entertaining guests. But it’s always nice to have the extra space for sunbathing or playing in the grass between parties.

Several of our patio chairs are stackable or foldable. This making them easy to re-organise if your planning for a gathering with a group of friends. These foldable patio chairs are also a great option if you have a smaller garden or balcony. This because they can easily be put aside when you need the space for other activities.

Garden chairs when you need to relax

If you want to create an outdoor space to chill out and relax, see our garden chairs with adjustable backrests. These are great when you want to sit up to have a conversation and then lay back to work on your tan.

Or see our patio chairs styled as outdoor armchairs. Great for a cosy lounge area or when you want to enjoy a good book in the shade.

Outdoor benches to enjoy your outside space

An outdoor bench could be a great complement to your patio chairs. Place a bench by a hedge or under a tree to create a spot where you can sit and see your flowers bloom. A bench can also be a space-efficient alternative to an outdoor sofa or patio set. Place it in the corner of your patio together with a small table to relax and enjoy your morning coffee.

Apart from being sitting area, a bench can also be used creatively as a part of your décor. Use a patio bench as an outdoor shelf to decorate with outdoor decor. Or why not choose a bench without a backrest, use it as a growing area, and add a few pots of herbs and salads on top. Position it next to the barbeque for quick access to fresh herbs. Or stand it next to the entrance to easily collect some parsley or spinach for cooking inside.

Take care of your patio chairs and benches

For the chairs and benches to last long, it's important to take care of them the right way. Different materials require different levels of maintenance, where wood needs a bit more care compared to plastic or metal.

For the wooden garden chairs and benches, we recommend you to re-stain them once or twice each year. This prevents them from drying out and cracking where moisture can penetrate the wood.

It’s also important to keep your chairs and benches clean. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild soap to prevent dirt, mould or mildew from building up.

Finally, it’s important to protect your things from harsh weather. For the colder part of the year, preferably store your furniture indoors in the garage or basement. If you store them outdoors, make sure to cover them with something, such as a waterproof garden furniture cover.