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Outdoor furniture covers

Patio furniture covers for worry free summers

Being outside in the fresh air is wonderful. But we can always come in if it rains. Our outdoor patio furniture covers keep dirt and damp away from things that stand outside all summer long, like barbecues or sun loungers. That way they'll stay clean and fresh for whenever you need them.

Why should I protect my patio furniture?

Outdoor furniture is resistant to wear and tear, and they are made to handle different kinds of weather. But they're not indestructible. Over time, rain and wind will break down your furniture. That’s why it’s important to protect them, to increase their lifespan and keep them looking good. 

By using waterproof patio furniture covers, you can keep your outdoor dinner set or outdoor sofa fresh for longer. Our outdoor furniture covers protect again damage from rain, sun, dirt, dust and pollen. 

How do I ensure great outdoor wood furniture protection?

The best way to protect your wood furniture is to store them inside, somewhere dry. However, since that’s not always an option, you can protect against weather by using a waterproof cover. 

Another thing to remember is to take care of the wood surface. Clean and brush your furniture from time to time prevent mould or mildew infestations. Also, make sure to re-stain the wood once or twice a year, since this provides additional protection against the wood drying out and cracking.  

What patio furniture protection do I need?

To protect your furniture, you need to keep it dry and keep it covered when not in use. The cover needs to completely envelop your furniture to be effective. At IKEA we have different kinds of outdoor covers made to perfectly shield different kinds of furniture. 

Protection for dining sets

For your dining area, you'll find outdoor furniture protection that can cover both tables and chairs at the same time. Choose between small covers that quickly envelopes a two-seater, or larger ones made to fit sets with up to eight seats. 

Protection for outdoor lounges and sofas

Relaxing in an outdoor chaise lounge is nice, but the sun is not always shining. You can always store your outdoor lounger inside and carry it out when it’s time to work on your tan. But a more comfortable option is to use outdoor furniture covers to protect it outside. The same thing goes for your outdoor sofa. 

At IKEA, you’ll find outdoor furniture covers that are specially made for these types of furniture. They are easy to take out and place on your furniture whenever you’re expecting rain.

Protection for cushions and other textiles

To create a cosy outdoor space, try adding soft cushions, pillows and blankets. With a storage box or bag, you can easily organise the textile accessories when they're not in use. During the off-season, store the box inside in a cool and dry place. 

How to keep the furniture cover in place?

Gone with the wind! Furniture covers don’t weigh much and can easily be caught by a strong wind. Some of our covers are equipped with hook-and-loop straps to ensure they stay in place. If the cover doesn't have this, a recommendation is to tuck in the lower edges of the covers underneath the corners of the furniture during windy days. 

Can I clean my patio furniture cover?

You can wash all your garden furniture protection covers from IKEA. Remember to wash them by hand and let them air dry. Read more in the section for care instructions for each product.