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Kitchen shelves

With kitchen shelves, you can fit more into your space while keeping all your things easy to find (and grab). They make the most of your kitchen walls by giving you extra storage, and the right kitchen shelf, like wooden or metal kitchen shelves, can boost the style of your decor too. For more storage solutions, check out kitchen islands and carts selection.

What better place to put the most used kitchen stuff than on kitchen shelves? It’s a perfect place for those items that you constantly grab and then always have to put back, perhaps several times a day. No more tea boxes, cereal containers or coffee beans going back and forth between counter and pantry.

Instead, get yourself some kitchen wall shelves that allow you to have your everyday items close at hand. If you choose one with hooks, you’ll even have a dedicated spot for your favourite coffee or tea cups. You can also use it for your spatulas, whisks and ladles!


What kind of kitchen shelf do you need?

Based on what you want to store in the kitchen, and how you want it to look, there are a few different variants to choose from. If you’re looking for a solution to store your most frequently used dishes, utensils and foods, maybe a classic plate shelf or a kitchen wall rack will suit you best. That way, you have a place that can hold plates, cups, decorations and other items such as spices and pantry goods. A great example of 2-in-1 usage!

But perhaps you’re on the lookout for something to help bring order to your kitchen countertop? If that’s the case, we have the perfect item for you: a kitchen organizer set. It’s a smaller shelf that you place directly on the worktop, no drilling or screws required. Use it for storage of those everyday kitchen utensils, like spatulas and tweezers. Or as a place to let your dinnerware and cutlery dry after having done the dishes.


Can you use kitchen shelving in the pantry?

Sure! You don’t have to limit yourself (or your shelves) to the kitchen area exclusively. Some of our items will look equally good as pantry shelving. Just hang them on the wall and let them work their magic. That could be a great way to make use of your wall space and add some much-needed storage.

The pantry can also be a nice place to add a wine shelf. It looks great and can add a neat touch to a room that might not get so much attention. It’ll also be a good location to store wine as the pantry is dark and often kept at an even temperature. Make sure you place the shelf with the wines lower to the ground, preferably on the floor, where the cold air settles.