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Bedspreads & bed throws

Layers of comfort and style

Bedspreads - or coverlets - add style to your bedroom and offer cozier, and warmer, nights of sleep. Swap them out according to the season – choose a thicker, quilted bedspread during winter and a lighter one during summer. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a little more softness (and beauty) to your bed, and your life.

Bedspreads hold an underrated power; to instantly change the look and feel of your bed. Autumn on its way? Throw on a cozy bedspread with warm colours for optimal snugness! Changed the wallpaper? Bed runners in matching colours help set the tone. Have a visitor staying in the spare room? Quilted bedspreads are sure to impress guests. In other words, there’s a lot a humble bedspread can offer in terms of both interior style and comfort.

Bedspreads that fit your style

We have a wide variety of bedspreads to fit every style. Would like something light and colourful? Or maybe something warm and cozy? Do you prefer natural colours or bright and shiny? No matter how you want to spruce up your bed, you should find a bedspread that does the trick just right. 

Bedspreads to keep you warm 

Besides being a stylish detail of your overall interior décor, our bedspreads also help keep you warm and cozy at night. Just use a bedspread over your duvet or as a blanket if you’re feeling chilly. In our wide variety of bedspreads you’ll find materials like fleece, cotton or linen. All of them have different characteristics and thickness, which gives you a good possibility to choose just the extra warmth you need. 


Fleece is lightweight, soft and warm. Perfect as an extra blanket on chillier nights, without putting extra weight over your body. 

Cotton & polyester

Both cotton and polyester have one important characteristic in common, they are both versatile materials. You’ll quickly notice this with our cotton or polyester bedspreads. There are heavier quilted bedspreads in these materials that’ll keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest of nights. But there are also lighter bedspreads in these materials that are more suitable for warmer seasons and less chilly nights.


Lastly, we have linen. It’s a natural material that is strong, durable and washes well. Linen is also a good choice for anyone that doesn’t mind having a late-night snack in bed since it has natural protection against stains. You’ll find both thicker and thinner, warmer and cooler, linen bedspreads in our selection.