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Narrow hallway, plenty of storage space

There’s a method to the morning madness before you head out the door. Hooks, hanging storage, boxes and a long bench with benefits can help keep a small hallway organised.

Divide and conquer. Use a hanging compartment to slide accessories and essentials into slots — there’s even a pocketful of storage on the side. Add dividers into boxes to keep things organised: wallet, leash, phone and keys!

For narrow hallways, a long bench is best. Lift up the comfy cushion to reveal extra storage. You can use the space for winter jackets, helmets, yoga mats and other sport equipment that suits their active lifestyle.

Mounted lamps illuminate their surroundings and bring focused light to framed artwork or mirrors.

Create a hook station and hang handkerchiefs, jackets, leashes and tea towels (for wet paws). Placing hooks by the doorway keep puddles in the entryway, and make it easy to grab and go...even in the rain.