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Filip’s hideaway gym and other co-worker ideas

A two-image collage: painted KNAGGLIG boxes on castors below a wall shelf full of books, and a portrait of an IKEA co-worker.

Tips for book-lovers in small apartments

Tips for space-optimising your book storage: 1. Go for adjustable shelves. 2. Sort all your books by size. 3. Arrange to fit the smallest books on the top shelf, and the largest and heaviest books on the lowest (and aim to minimise the gap between the books and the shelf above). Done! But what about the stuff that won’t fit? Here’s a tip from Filippo, IKEA Italy.

“I needed a flexible and mobile storage solution for my magazines and papers that are too large for my bookshelf, so I attached castors to wooden boxes. It makes them easy to organise, bring out and put away, and my bookshelf stays in order.”

Filippo Rabito

IKEA Italy

A two-image collage: hats and accessories on a VILTO towel stand leaning against a wall, and a portrait of an IKEA co-worker.

Display your favourites without drilling

Keeping accessories visible instead of having them hidden away and forgetting about them, makes it more likely that you’ll actually use them. Agnieszka, IKEA Sweden, also invites you to save time each morning by keeping your daily outfit within reach on a DIY clothes ladder.

“I have a thing for ladders! Also, I really don’t like to drill holes in the walls for a lot of different reasons, so instead of putting up art in my bedroom, I created a functional and ever-changing still life and valet stand using a side unit from a shelving system, a towel stand and my favourite hats.”

Agnieszka Wójcik

IKEA Sweden

Decorate, display and dry your socks

Simple, drill-free storage for accessories, magazines, small laundry and more.

A three-image collage: a tissue box covered in colourful, patterned fabric, and an image of an IKEA co-worker.

Dress things up

Don’t you hate it when you’ve colour matched a room, and then there’s this thing that doesn’t fit in? Here’s a tip from Mayu Takayanagi, IKEA Japan.

“I like these tissues, but the colours of the packaging don’t match the colours of my home, so, just out of curiosity really, I tried to create a tissue box cover out of a leftover piece of fabric, and it turned out quite well. I didn’t use my sewing machine, I just cut the fabric a bit bigger than the box, folded the sides towards the middle and tied knots on both ends. I think it’s quite cute!”

Mayu Takayanagi

IKEA Japan

A three-image collage: gym equipment and a yoga mat hanging on hooks behind a door, and a portrait of an IKEA co-worker.

The smallest gym you’ve ever seen

If there’s a will, there’s a way. With just a few racks with knobs, Filip, IKEA Sweden, has turned his tiny entrance into a hallway home gym. It shows that simple ideas can turn out to be brilliant solutions that make everyday life better.

“Hooks are wildly underestimated tools when it comes to organising small spaces. As you can see, they keep my gym equipment within easy reach and off the floor. I’m saving lots of money on a gym card and can work out anytime I feel like it.”

Filip Kosatik

IKEA Sweden

A three-image collage: a child’s desk surrounded by easy-to-reach building-block storage, and an image of an IKEA co-worker.

Smart storage for tiny toys

If you find yourself stumbling on building blocks, doll accessories, marbles and whatnot, you need a couple of these. Get inspired by this super-useful DIY-project and take control over the smallest toys once and for all.

“My little cousin is crazy about building things, and he had tons of small elements all over his room. To store and organise them, I used lots of mini-chests of drawers that can be pulled out completely, making it easy to get an overview and find the piece you’re looking for – and to put the pieces back where they belong. I attached wheels to shelving units and put the mini-drawers inside so he can slide them under his desk when he’s finished.”

Jolanda Wetzelaer

IKEA Belgium

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