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Outdoor dining tables

With better weather and longer days, there's nothing better than eating outside. A comfortable garden table lets everyone really enjoy the occasion. We have a big choice of styles, materials, and sizes, including folding, balcony, and extending tables. Find the perfect fit for your sunshine dinners!

Bring your laptop outside and work in the fresh air. Create some space for a flower arrangement or a balcony herb garden. Prepare a meal outdoors and use the table to chop up your fresh veggies.  

A garden table can have as many uses as you have things to put on it. If you want a place for outdoor plants or need a site for snacks at a garden get together, you’ll find a great garden table at IKEA.  

Outdoor tables for your balcony or garden  

If you have enough space, you need to consider how to use it. Are you planning on romantic one on one dinners? Maybe a smaller balcony table would be a good choice for this. Do you often find yourself hosting dinner parties for friends and relatives? Maybe a larger garden table will do the trick. 

The answer to these questions should also influence the kind of environment you want to create in your outdoor room. For example, a wooden garden table with a nice brown stain finish will create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Choose a black metal table, and you will add a more modern touch.  

If your needs vary from time to time, a folding garden table could be the perfect solution for you. Fold it up and out of the way when not in use and can expand it for occasions that require it.  

Garden table materials and styles 

In our wide selection you’ll find tables in different shades of wood as well as in synthetic materials such as plastic or metal.  

Wooden garden tables need a bit of maintenance to stay fresh. They need to be kept clean, be protected from weather when not in use, and be re-stained once or twice every year.  

Synthetic materials, on the other hand, require way less maintenance. Just clean them occasionally to prevent mildew or mould from setting in.   

If you like a particular style of our garden tables, you’ll be happy to find that you can you can build a set with matching outdoor dining chairs. And maybe you can find matching lounging furniture for a completely uniform garden style.