It's okay. We're afraid of the dark, too.

Lighting is what turns your home into a place for doing things you love – whether it's reading a book, preparing dinner or getting cosy on the sofa. That’s why you'll find so many ways to make your home a little brighter – and energy efficient ways of keeping it that way.

Click on this image to use the IKEA lamp creation tool. You can mix and match shades, bases and cords to get the type of lamp and style you want. Try out lots of combos for floor lamps, table lamps and pendent lamps.
Create a lamp you love
We all have different tastes. That's why we've designed a range of lampshades, cords and bases for you to create a lamp that suits your personal style. And, with the simplicity of mixing and matching, lighting has never been brighter.

Start creating your own lamp
From reading to relaxing
A display of clamp spotlights in silver-colour, brass-colour and white.
Discover the perfect bedside reading lamp - VARV clamp spotlight comes with a dimmer and is made to attach neatly onto the MALM headboard.
VARV Clamp spotlight RM169 VARV Clamp spotlight RM169 VARV Clamp spotlight RM169
We’ve gone all-in with LED lighting
Battery-operated block candles in three different sizes.
Love-at-first-sight possibilities
Get cosy at the flick of a switch. Amp up the romance with ever-ready candles. And fall in love with LED lighting. We’ve now switched our entire lighting range to LED because we’ve fallen head-over-heels for this innovative lighting technology. Because LEDs are so small and don’t get hot, they can be used to create lights and lamps that don’t just make life at home easier; they make it more beautiful too.
Cosy on demand
Many of our new LED lights have dimmer switches. This means you control your level of cosiness, from family snuggles on the sofa to surprise date nights for someone special.

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