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NYMÅNE series

Don’t underestimate lighting, not only functional but great for enhancing our homes and décor too. To have light in the right spots, you need the right lamps. So we created NYMÅNE series of ceiling lamps, pendant lamps and spotlights - simple, modern design that’s easy to blend in with most styles.

A white NYMÅNE work lamp with wireless charger holding a smartphone on a desk with stationery on it in a light beige room.
    A white NYMÅNE wall/reading lamp on a dark yellow wall above a black frame. The lamp is lit and angled downwards.
    A round white NYMÅNE ceiling lamp that’s lit in the corner of a room near a door frame and with a shelf on the wall below.
    A white NYMÅNE floor lamp with three spots positioned between an eggshell POÄNG armchair and a light coloured sofa.
    A white NYMÅNE ceiling spotlight with 4 spots on the ceiling in a light room angled towards a shelving unit holding plants.

    Functional lighting to lift your style

    The simple, timeless design means that the different lamps are easy to work with in lots of different room looks. Their neat cylindrical shape gives each lamp their own character while still maintaining a unified look.

    A white NYMÅNE floor/read lamp in a bedroom with a floral wall behind the bed, which is covered in NÄSSELKLOCKA bed linen.
      A lit white NYMÅNE wall up/down wired in lamp on a dark grey wall beside the corner of a white picture frame.