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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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Toys & play

Learning is so much fun

There’s nothing complicated about play. The only energy needed is your child’s (and there’s plenty of that!). Our safe and fun toys motivate children to develop gross and fine motor skills, social skills and logical thinking, through role play, imagination, creativity and movement.

DUKTIG play kitchen

DUKTIG play kitchen

Width: 72 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 109 cm
Street artists in action
Outdoor play with chalk and colourful plastic cups on asphalt. MÅLA Chalks $2.99
/9 pack
KALAS Mug $1.99
/6 pack
PRUTA Food container $1.49
Food container
/3 pack
GLIS Box with lid $4.99
Box with lid
/3 pack
MÅLA chalks, assorted colours

MÅLA chalks

$2.99/9 pack
Length: 8.5 cm, Package quantity: 9 pack
BUSA children's tent

BUSA children's tent

Length: 72 cm, Width: 72 cm, Height: 72 cm


$6.99/2 pack
Diameter: 9 cm, Package quantity: 2 pack
GUNGGUNG swing, green


Max. height: 270 cm, Max. load: 70 kg
LATTJO domino game

LATTJO domino game

Length: 18 cm, Width: 10 cm, Height: 8 cm
LILLABO toy car, red

LILLABO toy car

Length: 11 cm, Width: 7 cm, Height: 7 cm
MULA abacus

MULA abacus

Width: 35 cm, Depth: 23 cm, Height: 31 cm
MÅLA easel, softwood, white

MÅLA easel

Length: 43 cm, Width: 62 cm, Height: 118 cm
MÅLA paint/draw storage

MÅLA paint/draw storage

Length: 520 mm, Width: 180 mm, Height: 210 mm
MÅLA paper, assorted colours, assorted sizes

MÅLA paper

Length: 420 mm, Width: 297 mm, Height: 18 mm
MÅLA coloured pencil

MÅLA coloured pencil

$4.99/10 pack
Length: 12 cm, Thickness: 1 cm, Package quantity: 10 pack
MÅLA paint, assorted colours

MÅLA paint

$9.99/0.4 l Price/l $24.98
Volume: 400 ml, Package quantity: 8 pack