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Product News

IKEA and Ben Gorham of Byredo Introduce OSYNLIG

November 2020

What does home smell like? This question inspired IKEA and Byredo to create OSYNLIG - a new, limited-edition collection of luxury scented candles at an affordable price. The collection features scents in the floral, fresh and woody scent families that bring to life the concept of invisible design. Developed to provoke a wide range of emotion - from nostalgia for the things you've done, to dreams of the things you might do - the collection heightens the experience of being at home and how it makes you feel.

A green sofa in the middle of a room with hardword floors and stairs to the right, and glass storage cabinets behind it.


October 2020

This October, IKEA U.S. is introducing DEKORERA - a new collection of home furnishing accessories and textiles that combine the rich colors and style of 17th century Dutch master painters with traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, setting the mood for a new season. As the holidays approach and the nights lengthen, the new cushion covers, throw blankets, dishware - and more - add an easy and inviting winter flair to the home.

A colorful LEGO brick tower with two LEGO characters inside an open white storage box inside a dining room.

IKEA and the LEGO Group Introduce BYGGLEK

August 2020

Play is an essential part of everyday life - it fosters creativity, relieves stress and helps bring people together. We know that where children see a world of imagination, parents often see a mess. We partnered with LEGO Group to create BYGGLEK, a new, limited-edition collection that removes the barriers to play by combining it with storage to make the home a better place.

Available beginning October 1, the collection features a set of curated LEGO® bricks and three different-sized storage boxes that children can build their creations on so that parents can tidy up without dismantling creations. BYGGLEK inspires children to play, display, replay.

A girl arranging pictures into a wire storage rack in a bedroom with a yellow wall.

Back to School/College

August 2020

IKEA U.S. knows that going back to school / college this year will look a bit different for students around the country. Whether you're moving into a dorm or apartment, or planning to create a study space at home, IKEA offers a plethora of products and solutions that fit perfectly into any student's life.

Set up your new space with multi-functional products like a storage cart or clothes rack and decorate with colorful storage boxes and string lights, or create the perfect study area complete with a comfortable desk, floor cushions for study breaks and wall organizers to keep track of assignments, all at an affordable price.