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Product News

SYMFONISK Picture Frame with WiFi Speaker

July 2021

Looks like music. Sounds like art. IKEA and Sonos are pleased to introduce a new addition to the SYMFONISK family, a picture frame with WiFi speaker. The new release is part of a long-term partnership between IKEA and Sonos with the goal of democratizing music and sound in the home, to bring a better listening experience to the many people. With this collaboration, perfect sound blends seamlessly into your home.


June 2021

LOKALT is a limited-edition collaboration with contemporary local designers from Amman, Delhi, Bangkok and IKEA in-house designers. The vibrant collection of handmade textiles and ceramics celebrates where local traditions meet traditional handicraft and is produced by social entrepreneurs in Jordan, Thailand and India. Every cushion cover, rug, basket and bowl create equality, inclusion and livelihoods in regions where it’s most needed.

April News

April 2021

Summer is calling! This April at IKEA, meet new products inspired by the spirit of summer, and made with durable materials from more sustainable sources. You're bound to find something here that will not only help you grab the moment and go, but also make life a little more comfortable and cozy.

FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier

April 2021

As we spend more time indoors, the climate at home becomes an important factor for health and well-being. FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is the first product from our new product segment focusing on indoor climate. The air purifier helps to create healthier air by filtering away gases and particles. These can be pollutants, chemicals, pollen, dust and odors. The combination of a Hepa 12 filter that cleans away particles and a carbon filter that removes gases gives you an advanced and efficient air-purifying solution.

Art Event 2021

April 2021

At IKEA, we believe art is for everyone. IKEA Art Event 2021 explores the line between art and function to bring new perspective to the everyday objects in our home. The 10-piece limited-edition collection was created in collaboration with artists and designers from around the world: Daniel Arsham, Gelchop, Humans since 1982, Sabine Marcelis and Stefan Marx. The collection was created to inspire and capture the imagination, while also functioning as useful household items -- so please, go ahead and touch the artwork.