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Real talk: You need to banish your phone or tablet at bedtime. Because blue light sleep is bad night’s sleep. Bedtime is all about relaxing, deeply, in a dark, cozy sleep sanctuary. It’s time to relax, unplug and push pause after your busy day.

If you need entertainment before bed, do it the old fashioned way and dig into a good book! (Your local librarian would probably love to see you, but audiobooks and e-books are great, too!) Or, better yet, tell yourself or whoever you are in bed with, a soothing, sleep-inducing bedtime story. Just please turn off those phones!

The next step to creating a cozy sleep zone is to use blackout curtains, room-darkening curtains and/or blinds. They will make a massive difference by keeping natural light out and, if you live in an urban center, those pesky city lights, too. Because the last thing you want sneaking into your bedroom while you’re trying to get your beauty sleep is the disruptive glare of street lights or car lights. You can choose from our wide variety of different color curtains, as well as from our selection of roller, roman and cellular blinds.

The type of lights you use in your bedroom make a big difference, too. Warm light is the best option when getting into the mood for a superior snooze, so our dimmable bulbs that can be controlled from an app on your phone are a smart sleep investment. That way you can dim the lights around bedtime to help you unwind and drift off into blissful slumber.

Smarter lights, dreamier nights

There’s nothing worse than when you’re dozing off and realize you need to get up to turn off the lights, right? Well, with our TRÅDFRI smart lighting system you can turn the lights on and off, and control the brightness of your LED lightbulbs from the comfort of your super comfy bed!

Barriers of sleep