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TREDANSEN Black-out cellular blind, smart wireless/battery operated white, 34x76 ¾ "

TREDANSEN Black-out cellular blind, smart wireless/battery operated white,

Price $ 159.99
Battery for remote control, sold separately.
Product features
Black-out Works with IKEA Home smart

How to get it

TREDANSEN cellular blind blocks out light and insulates against window drafts and heat from the sun. Use with remote control or with DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app for more smart control options.

Article Number505.124.56

Product details

You can use DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app to control your wireless blinds in different ways, set them to go up and down with a timer and create several groups of wireless blinds.

Filters light and reduces reflections on TV and computer screens.

The blind comes pre-paired with the remote control and the signal repeater.

For the blinds wireless functions to work, the signal repeater (included in the package) needs to be plugged in to a power socket within 32 feet from the blind.

The blind is cordless for increased child safety.

BRAUNIT battery pack is the power source to your wireless roller blind.


David Wahl

  • The blind cannot be cut.

    This smart product can also be connected to a TRÅDFRI gateway.

    This product is part of our smart home range. Connect it, along with other smart products, to DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app for more features and functions.

    Included: 1 rechargeable battery pack, 1 charger battery pack and 1 signal repeater.

    Remote control included.

    Battery for remote control, sold separately.

    Bracket screws and wall/ceiling screws not included.

  • Material
    Outer fabric:
    100 % polyester (100% recycled)
    100 % PET plastic
    Aluminum, Epoxy/polyester powder coating, Aluminum
    End cap:
    Polypropylene, Polypropylene
    PET plastic, PET plastic
    Rotating unit/ Rod:
    Acetal plastic
    Holder/ Cover:
    Polycarbonate plastic
    Steel, Galvanized
    Cover/ Main parts:
    ABS plastic

    Do not wash.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dry clean.

    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.


Length: 76 ¾ "

Width: 34 "

Area: 18.08 sq feet

  • TREDANSENArticle Number505.124.56

    Width: 4 "

    Height: 2 ½ "

    Length: 40 ½ "

    Weight: 4 lb 11 oz

    Package(s): 1


Simply fabulous MakenzieGreat product 5
Great Smart Blinds!WalkerI bought 4 of these for my bedroom windows over a year ago and they have been mostly great. They were the most affordable blackout smart blinds I could find compatible with Apple HomeKit. I have only had to charge them twice, and they go up/down at least once a day on schedule. All but one of them have been very reliable. One of them was a bit buggy. I reset it multiple times, so I returned it after a month, but I have had no issues since then with any of them. Seems like if you get a bad one, you'll find out and be able to swap out within the return policy.5
Too SmallSatishI need something that is 94 inch tall.1
1 year in and they're working great.ScottReally love these. One failed about a week after purchasing, exchanged it, and no problems with any of them since. Have three synced to one switch so they operate in unison. I've only charged the batteries once since I got them, impressed with how long a charge lasts. Blackout effect is very good, although they're about 1/2 inch narrower than the ideal fit for blocking light in my windows with inside mount, so there's a faint light ring around the edge in an otherwise pitch black room. But with a wider outside mount that wouldn't be a problem, just wouldn't look as good in our windows.5
Great for the $$AdriaI have had 20 of these for over two years, initially some were inoperable out of the box and had to be exchanged. It was easy to pair them all on one remote (my 13 year old did it) the installation was super easy compared to other blinds I've purchased from another store, just two screws and two simple effortless clicks of the holder brackets. I've found its best to pick them up myself in the store, if I have them delivered they have a higher chance of not working on arrival... and you have 365 days to return/exchange them, so no worries! Most of the batteries have worked for almost two years without a second charge and regular use. They have really helped with our electric bill this summer, the Texas heat has been just the same (or worse) than last summer and we've used considerably less energy to keep our home cool. I only wish they had a larger variety of sizes, I have some narrower windows that need 21-21.75" wide blinds. For the money saved, it's worth it to exchange a few!5
Not worth it.JohnThis is the 3rd blind that has stopped working. Fortunately the first 2 died within a few weeks of purchase. The third one died after 6 months, so I'm out of luck on this one. I will not be purchasing their automated blinds again.2
Do you like to spend money on things that break?Amanda H.After Ikea came out with white cellular blind option, I made the decision to spend the money on 3 of these. They were such a pain to set up (pair issues, remotes don’t work, multiple fights with the hub) but one I got them paired with Alexa I just used that to open and close or did manually. But six months on they no longer fully shut. Sort of defeats the purpose of blinds? Based on recent reviews looks like this is a frequent issue so buyer beware.2
Not Reliable, Poor SoftwareAustinI’ve had these for almost a year now and have had to exchange half of them due to them breaking. Some of them need the battery charged every week. Others go up when you press the down button or vice versa. I’ve got them paired to the app and the remotes but it’s not an intuitive system. Half of my blinds get stuck half way up now and refuse to lower completely because they think they are already lowered. All in all a frustrating product. Although they do block sunlight well, these blinds need some major work. I wish I was within the 180 days to return them for good.2
PerfectMasonThey make the perfect size for my window to they fit exactly in the cove. I like that they’re blackout and automatic. I did buy the hub and being able to control them with my phone is definitely convenient and nice to control away from home with HomeKit. They’ve lasted so far and I hope they continue too.5
Initially great, then brokeHinaThe product did not come with screws or mounting instructions, so I had to search the internet and make several trips to the hardware store before starting to install them. The installation involves mounting two brackets, each with two screws. After adding the IKEA Home Hub, the product worked well with both the IKEA Home Smart app and Apple HomeKit. The scheduling feature, which allowed me to set the blinds to open at a specific time, was particularly useful. However, after 11 months, one end of the blinds began to break. It appears that one of the internal strings snapped, causing one side to hang down while the other side continued to function normally. As of writing this review, two out of my five blinds have broken. If you experience the same issue, I would suggest contacting IKEA support. At least the blinds are relatively easy to replace even if they do break.1
BlindAngelaAbsolutely beautiful and works great. Super simple installation5
Doesn't workCodiWe have several of these blinds already, but we have now received 2 of these blinds within the last 3 weeks that will not lower and raise.1
Size not wide enoughRobThis would've been perfect, except the largest size doesn't cover my smallest windows. I'm very sad to see they don't offer wider sizes, or take custom measures :(2
Great looking blinds, some tech glitchesJillI loved these blinds when I first bought them almost 4 mos ago. They were easy to install and look good. But one of them won't go all the way down anymore - and it's impossible to tell why. I changed the battery and it didn't make a difference. I also was never able to get the remote to work so I use it manually. Maybe a good looking product with short lifespan.4
Very promising after a few weeksDanielThe product itself is probably 4.5 stars, at least so far (we installed it maybe a few weeks ago). Pros: - Pretty easy installation, all things considered. - Smart home setup was pleasantly easy. - Works with Siri/Google and remote simultaneously. (TIP: you need to connect your REMOTE to the HUB, rather than pairing it to the blinds directly). - Remote is a clever design. - Blinds look quite good and are affordable. - Fabric does not let any light through. Cons: - No screws included for mounting, and not even instructions about which screw size/thickness to get. Instructions would’ve been helpful rather than having to figure it out. - Suuuuuuper slow, and not exactly quiet. But not terribly loud either. - Only one color option (can’t really dock any points for that though). - Warranty information is hard to find. - No option to hardwire them (but I knew that, of course). Overall conclusion: positive. Have ordered four more. Another ten to follow, maybe.4
Works ONLY via remote, or app, but not bothAntonellaThe blinds themselves are an excellent means for decoratively creating a blackout condition. For me that’s when I want to watch my 8’ projection TV screen without attracting curious neighbors’ attention! The problem is that they can only be operated by either the included remote control, OR the IKEA Home Smart app. Not interchangeably. If you first pair them with the remote, followed by the app, then the remote loses its pairing and so is useless. Same is true in reverse: after successfully pairing the blinds with the app, followed by pairing with the remote, they no longer are even visible in the app, so, useless app. Boooooo IKEA!!! I’m using the newest IKEA Hub, the Dirigera, released in November 2022, but I’m returning it. Had hoped to connect it and my AppleTV via HomeKit so to operate them when not home, but they could never see/connect to each other. Up/down isn’t fast. Takes 39 seconds to descend 44 inches. Same speed going up. Love ‘em though. Side by side gap barely 1/4”!4
Great option for (relatively) inexpensive smart shades.ChristopherI purchased 10 of these for 3 different rooms in my house. I already have a lot of the IKEA smart home products so I'm already in their Home Smart ecosystem and these are cheaper than a lot of other options. Installing them in the windows was very easy, just a couple screws for the brackets and the shades clip right in. Setting them up in the IKEA app was fairly simple, but it took a while and there was a couple hiccups. They do a good job blocking light from outside with just a little bleed around the edges. If the measurements matched my windows better or if I could resize the blinds to fit better then there would be less light coming in around the edges. They're not insanely loud, but they do make noise when they open and close. Enough noise to freak out my dogs. If I have all 10 opening or closing at the same it sounds like a swarm of bees is invading my house. Definitely happy with my purchase and will be buying more for other rooms in the house.4
Automatic blindsJillLoved these automated blinds. Nice way to update a room and windows. Wish the remotes were easier to operate, but that’s the only problem. Thankfully there is a button in the blind that makes them easy to operate without the remote.5
Good qualityAlmaThe available dimensions unfortunately didn’t match our windows but we observed the very good quality and craftsmanship of the shades5
Great qualityDebbieThey looked sturdy in the store however when I got home they did not fit my windows. I had the wrong measurements. Unfortunately IKEA does not sell a blind big enough. These were well priced too. I gave 1 start for installation since I never got to install them. I gave 5 stars for how they worked b/c I demo'd them in the store and they moved up and down so smooth.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Did you know that air is a natural insulator?

Our cellular blinds are a cost- and energy-saving way to create a comfy indoor climate. They effectively reduce heat loss caused by drafts and they reduce excess heat from the sun. The blinds are made up of smaller cells that trap the air and transform it into an insulating barrier between the window and the room. Choose TREDANSEN cellular blind for a block-out effect or PRAKTLYSING cellular blind for a calm filtering effect.

Function solution

Block-out fabric

The block-out fabric effectively blocks out all light. Perfect for people who are sensitive to light during sleep, anytime of the day. It prevents glare on TV’s and digital screens. It offers complete privacy at all hours since people outside cannot see in, even when the room is lit.