ÄNDLIG 3-piece knife set, light gray/white
ÄNDLIG 3-piece knife set, light gray/white
ÄNDLIG 3-piece knife set, light gray/white
ÄNDLIG 3-piece knife set, light gray/white
ÄNDLIG 3-piece knife set, light gray/white

Chop, dice and slice – with these three knives in a convenient set, you can prepare delicious meals for you and your family. They are durable, stable and good for both your kitchen work and wallet.

Article Number702.576.24

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Materials in the handle provide a firm grip.Includes: Bread knife 9" (tot. length 13¾"), cook's knife 5¾" (tot. length 11") and paring knife 4" (tot. lenght 8").Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

D Crafoord/U Vejbrink

  • Handle:Polypropylene, Synthetic rubber
    Blade:Stainless steel
    Handwash only.
  • ÄNDLIG3-piece knife setArticle Number:702.576.24
    Width: 6 ½ "Height: 1 "Length: 15 ¼ "Weight: 13 ozPackage(s): 1


Knife SkillsCRISTELLYNKnife is balanced and easy to cut with. No straining, super sharp edge. Very Happy :)5
Kitchen utensilsToddThese are wonderful knives you can rely on in your kitchen, these are my favorite ones and I have give numerous set as gifts because of my liking of them5
fascinated with these purchasesDanielI am delighted with these products, whenever I go I come out with something more than what I am looking for, I love everything I look at.5
Best of the bestFayLoves these things! Sharp and easy to handle!5
Best knives we have!ElizabethThese knives are sharp and the handles are comfortable and easy to use. They are my favorite knives.5
Kitchen knivesESTHERGreat product for a great price!5
ImpressiveMEREDITHWow, great value. They are my favorite. These knives work very well and are in par with knives that cost far more money.5
Nice set of knivesramonNeat looking knife set at affordable price.5
Love itJULILove it5
Always sharpYessie cI have expensive knives but these one are my favorite5
Perfect first set for dorm, apartment, novice cookVeeGlessnerI use these knives an astonishing amount. They are certainly the three basic knives you need in a kitchen. Now I am not a knife connoisseur, in fact I am looking to upgrade to a couple adult knives, but I have to give these five stars for the stellar price and perfectly curated beginner set. I use the chef knife almost exclusively in my cooking (despite having probably a dozen other admittedly also cheap knives), while the bread knife and paring knives fill in the two occasional holes in my knife arsenal. I haven't had any issues with sharpness, I just periodically sharpen the chef's knife. This is the perfect no-fuss first set of knives for a college dorm, first apartment, or someone learning to cook. They are probably not the best knives ever in the grand scheme, but they are comfortable, sharp, and functional for your first couple years. Start with these and don't buy anything else until you're confident you need it (you probably don't for a while).5
Okay for $8tjborgMaybe these are worth buying to have in a pinch, but they really aren't great. They're sharp enough, but the blades are so thin that they're extremely prone to bending while cutting and becoming misshapen over time. The only real redeeming factor is the low price.2
LOVE THESE!britgirl13Bought my first set about 9 months ago, and love them so much, bought two sets last week. Color coordinate with my kitchen perfectly. Be careful tho, super sharp...5
Just okJulieWolfThese are sharp and work well, but the handles slip easily from your hand. Probably wouldn’t buy again, but three knives for the price is ok3
SharpEggy188These are the sharpest knives I've ever owned. Love them.5
Super Sharp!Thirteen13Excellent grip handles & SHARP blades!5
Wade njstrange and sharp.easy to use ,,5
Great Value for Price!KSyd1029This is the best money that I have spent in a long time! All 3 knives were nice and sharp. The handles are very comfortable. They are the most utilized size/type knives for my main kitchen tasks.5
Great KnivesAlh84These knives are great for the price. They stay sharp and do not rust. I buy them for evryone. The handles are comfortable and do not discolor.5

3-piece knife set, light gray/white

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ÄNDLIG 3-piece knife set, light gray/white