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IKEA U.S. to convert its New York last mile delivery fleet to electric vehicles by May 2021

The side of a white box truck with the IKEA logo and a white heart with the words "It's Electric!"
Corporate newsSustainabilityMarch 30, 2021Last edited: September 29, 2021
IKEA U.S. is on track to have a fully operational fleet of 40 electric vehicle (EV) last mile delivery trucks to service all five boroughs of the New York City market by May 2021.

IKEA U.S. is prioritizing its New York and Los Angeles markets as it works toward the goal of having 100% zero emission home deliveries by 2025

Conshohocken, PA – [March 30, 2021] – IKEA U.S. today announced that it’s on track to have a fully operational fleet of 40 electric vehicle (EV) last mile delivery trucks to service all five boroughs of the New York City market by May 2021. The fleet is currently operating at roughly 35% capacity and trucks are being delivered on an accelerated production schedule to meet the May goal.

In the Los Angeles market, the focus now is on creating the distribution and charging infrastructure at IKEA stores. Trucks will be delivered first to Burbank in May 2021 and then Covina and Costa Mesa, with the ultimate goal of having 50 trucks service the primary market area.

“IKEA is committed to becoming climate positive by 2030, and ensuring zero emissions for home deliveries is an important step in that journey,” said Jennifer Keesson, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA U.S. “We’re excited to see such great progress being made in our New York and Los Angeles markets as we will have 45 electric vehicles on the road by the end of May. We are committed to our EV journey as we strive towards the goal of having all last mile deliveries with zero emissions by 2025.”

In order to make the ambitious goal of zero emission home deliveries a reality, IKEA U.S. has partnered with Fluid Truck, an online vehicle rental platform. Fluid Truck is a leader in the EV truck sharing space and enables IKEA and its transport partners to rent vehicles on a flexible schedule. In New York, the fleet is currently comprised of Lightning eMotors Electric Class 4 commercial box trucks and Workhorse C1000 trucks, and drivers have greater accessibility to vehicles based on demand.

“Access to Fluid Truck’s electrified fleet through this partnership is enabling IKEA U.S. to provide emission-free last mile deliveries to our customers, while making IKEA more accessible and sustainable for the many,” said Steven Moelk, Project Implementation Manager, IKEA U.S. “Independent contractors operate 90% of the delivery vehicles on the road today. Giving them access to electric trucks without becoming cost-burdened, enables brands like us the ability to advance our sustainability and delivery commitments even when we don’t own or control vehicles that operate in our supply chain.”

Ingka Investments, the investment arm of IKEA parent company Ingka Group, recently invested in Fluid Truck and became a minority stakeholder of the company as of March 2021. Ingka Investments invests in minority and majority shareholding in various companies in order to support the IKEA retail business.

The zero emissions pledge for home deliveries is just one part of the IKEA ambition to become circular and climate positive by 2030. IKEA is actively working towards addressing its climate footprint throughout the entire IKEA value chain. IKEA now produces more renewable energy than it consumes globally, and in the U.S., IKEA has a robust renewable energy portfolio that produces a combined 243,273,778 kWh of clean energy annually.