ÖVERALLT Limited Collection

An ÖVERALLT cushion made from waste material, a footstool and rocking-chair with blue steel frames and blue-white weaves.

ÖVERALLT Limited Collection

Welcome to the urban living room
Welcome to the urban living room of ÖVERALLT – the limited edition collection designed in collaboration with eight African designers. Together with IKEA they’ve explored different modern lifestyles and rituals in urban parts of Africa. Whether it’s about taking the time for a shared meal in the middle of a busy week, saying hi to a stranger, or even pausing for a moment of reflection, ÖVERALLT will hopefully inspire towards new, better rituals and habits together.

An outdoor dinner party with ÖVERALLT round tables and curved benches made from solid eucalyptus wood.

“We’ve been interested in the ritual of people slowing down, sitting, eating and drinking together.”

Bethan Rayner & Naeem Biviji, Designers
Mushroom soup served in an ÖVERALLT grey, cone-shaped stoneware bowl made to be held in one’s hand.

An ÖVERALLT carafe and oil jug with irregular shapes made from colourless glass and cork.

A cushion with a multicoloured graphic pattern on a curved wooden bench, both from the ÖVERALLT collection.

“We cook and work a lot. Looking after our children takes up a big chunk of our lives. But, however busy we are, we always stop to eat together.”

Bethan Rayner & Naeem Biviji, Designers
Mushroom soup served in the bottom part of a black ÖVERALLT pot with lid made from enamelled cast iron with two handles.

Two easy chairs in plywood, a black-white wool rug, and a cotton cushion in blue and white, all from the ÖVERALLT collection.

A space to make yours

Designer and architect Issa Diabaté has been carrying around the idea of a really simple piece of design in his mind for the past couple of years; a piece of design so simple that anyone should be able to mount, dismount and personalize it. The ÖVERALLT chair in natural, untreated plywood is like a blank canvas – aesthetic by itself, but open for you to put your own touch to it.

A multicolored ÖVERALLT bag with handles in two different sizes, made from crisps packaging waste.

Sustainably fashionable

You’d never guess it, but this shimmery ÖVERALLT tote is made out of waste production of crisps packaging. One tote equals 32 recycled crisp bags. Kind of nice to know that the holder of that tasty snack we love to indulge in can be turned into this summer’s perfect beach bag, isn’t it? Hend and Mariam are the fierce female duo behind the idea. Together they established Reform Studio in 2012 with the mission making the most of waste in the world today.

An ÖVERALLT oil jug, jar with lid and carafe, all three made from colourless glass in irregular shapes and cork.

Tableware for sharing

In the midst of work, childcare and cooking a lot, a big part of the Kenyan lifestyle is always taking the time to sit down to eat together. Designer duo Bethan Rayner and Naeem Biviji kept this in mind when designing the glass jugs and carafes. Made for both hot and cold content, they’re also easy to grip and nice to look at – all boxes checked for a shared meal.

An ÖVERALLT basket made from a curvy black steel frame partly covered with hand-crocheted black yarn.

Braiding in Dakar

World renowned artist and designer Selly Raby Kane’s ideas for ÖVERALLT began by translating her home city Dakar into characters, and then reinterpreting those characters through braiding sculptures and objects. The results are the hand-braided baskets, available in two different sizes. Fill them with quilts and blankets, show off a few favorite items or keep them empty, like the piece of artistry that they are.