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OBEGRÄNSAD Collection: Your home studio setup

Designed in collaboration with electronic music artists Swedish House Mafia. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection answers the needs of home music creators. Find your creative flow, wherever you call home.

“It’s for everyone, everywhere, beginner or pro.” Swedish House Mafia

Smart home furnishing solutions for producing, performing and listening to music designed to support the technology you need and how it is used.

A black OBEGRÄNSAD desk, shelving unit and work lamp in a white room with speakers, keyboards, mic and decks by a window.
A black OBEGRÄNSAD record bag with vinyls inside sitting on a wooden floor next to shelves of records and a white curtain.
Three people dressed in black in a white room with black OBEGRÄNSAD rug, desk, shelving unit and armchair.
A lit black OBEGRÄNSAD LED work lamp on a black desk next to an open laptop with keyboards in the background.
A black OBEGRÄNSAD armchair, rug and cushion cover on wooden floorboards next to an electric guitar and white curtains.
Swedish House Mafia members and IKEA designers sitting around a table full of materials, paper and glasses, and houseplants.
The collection is created for anyone who values and supports creativity in the home, and especially music creators.

Swedish House Mafia

Simplicity by design

The all-black, minimal thin lines of the OBEGRÄNSAD collection create an intentional aesthetic, while being classic enough to work in any context.

A black OBEGRÄNSAD desk with white speakers, work lamp and swivel chair, laptop and music equipment in a light, beige room.
A black OBEGRÄNSAD bag and slippers with white headphones and beige jacket on a chair next to a beige cabinet.
IKEA designer Friso Wiersma wearing a black jacket and looking at someone and laughing at a table with other people laughing.
A square mixed with a circle. Two of the most iconic shapes. In the entire collection we have only worked with these two shapes.

Friso WiersmaDesigner

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Solutions for an even better setup.

Classic KALLAX remixed

The KALLAX shelving unit is a legend among DJs. So rather than reinvent the wheel, we remixed it. The OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit updates KALLAX with space for amps and a higher unit, plus lots of vinyl storage alongside the super-simple record stand.

A woman standing at the black OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit mixing music, standing on a rug with a plant-framed window behind her.
A man kneeling on a patterned rug flicking through vinyl records in the OBEGRÄNSAD record stand next to shelving units.

Just starting out?

Technology has changed everything when it comes to music. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection offers affordable solutions – both functional and mood-setting – to pair with your tech and start making music in your bedroom.

A grey bedroom with a home studio work desk and chair, laptop and speakers, OBEGRÄNSAD black rug, bed and shelving unit.
A black OBEGRÄNSAD throw and cushion covers draped on a grey waffle bedspread with headphones and magazine lying on top.