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    FREKVENS limited collection

    The ultimate home party

    No music, no party, right? Music is one of the most powerful and uniting cultural forces in society. It is something that unites people and amplifies emotions. Social life at home is often centered around music, so having good sound in every room has become a dream for many. This inspired a limited collection called FREKVENS.

    It is very simple, fun, and playful. You will become like a home roadie setting up your own sound system and light show. It’s good enough that you can set up a party, that day. People will appreciate that.

    Jesper Kouthoofd, Head of design and founder teenage engineering

    Get to know teenage engineering

    It’s a Stockholm-based creative collective made up of engineers and programmers that share the love for making music and electronics.

    We look forward to introducing FREKVENS to people around the world. It’s a playful collection that you easily scale up or down to suit your needs. Apart from looking super nice, it sounds great – so it’s definitely the perfect reason to throw a party.

    Michael Nikolic, Creative Design Leader IKEA of Sweden

    We know that music brings people together. The core of the FREKVENS collection is light and sound, but what else do you need to throw a great party? The range provides a few other essentials, such as water repellent cushion covers and modular and stackable tableware, perfect for party food. It has everything you need to throw a really good party, wherever you are.

    FREKVENS brings the party, you bring the dance moves