Home visit: a unique table top plant display

A table top with a strip of botanical print fabric, a tray with miniature plant display and bowls of potting materials.

Home visit: a unique table top plant display

Short on space, but big on nature? A plant expert and blogger shares her step-by-step guide for creating a forest-inspired table-top plant display.

A table top covered with baskets of stones and natural materials and plants.

1. Gather your materials

You will need: a small plant which copes well in indirect sunlight, like a philodendron, scissors, a nursing pot, a larger pot for display, stones, orchid bark, soil, perlite, plus moss and a tray.

A woman’s hands placing bark in a pot on a table covered with planting supplies.

2. Line your pot

Start by lining your larger pot with small stones for drainage.

Woven baskets on a table with pots of planting materials.

3. Pot your plant

Next layer the nursing pot with a mix of orchid bark, soil and perlite with the potted plant nestled in amongst it.

4. Finish with natural touches

Now grab your moss and place it around the potted plant, covering the soil. Then place your pot on the tray and surround with pebbles for an extra element of texture. “I love to create small moments of nature. For this display I was inspired by a forest or jungle,” says Alessia of Apartment Botanist.

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Made by
Interior designer: Martin Bourne
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
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