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Beautiful ways to display

Surrounding yourself with things you love is a simple way to feel good. "I like to mix industrial materials with natural colors and objects. I move things around until I find the point where they work together," says Daniella Witte, a interior designer who invited us into her home outside Malmö. Be inspired by more homeowners, who have worked out what makes a great display.

Overlapping picture frames, lamps and ornaments make a stunning shelf display.
Overlapping picture frames, lamps and ornaments make a stunning shelf display.
When I have an idea, I collect together all the pieces I need first and play around with how they look. I like to experiment with color, mixing old and new things and different styles.

Nicole, blogger, Hamburg

Change with the seasons

"I like to bring together things that remind me of nature," says Gina, a teacher in Norway. "I arrange my displays around a picture rail, so they’re easy to change. In the winter time I like to tone the colors down – mixing browns and greys – and brighten them again in the summer. It’s a real Scandinavian look and I think it looks so rustic and pretty."

Start with a theme

"Most people don’t dare to stand out; they always play safe," says Anki, a social worker, singer, author and blogger in The Netherlands. "But I always begin with a theme, like the colors here. That’s why I can mix things that don’t seem like they’ll go together – like a kids’ tea set and a flower vase – because they all fit in with my idea. All around my house there are funny little groupings like this."

Make it functional and decorative

"Instead of hiding our kitchen equipment away we used the full height of our ceilings and doors for storage. Our doors are decorated with hanging utensils and lids on rails," says Elisabeth, an artist who lives in an apartment in Sweden. "It’s really fun to think beyond something’s intended purpose – to use it in ways the designer hasn’t even thought about."

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