7 tips for moving homes

A variety of moving supplies and JÄTTENE boxes stacked on a wooden pallet with wheels, in an empty room.

7 tips for moving homes

Moving homes can be super stressful – even when it’s only a couple of miles away. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it should be fun. Here are our top tips for a stress-free move.

1. Declutter and donate

There’s no point in moving things that you were going to get rid of in any case. Keep only those things that add value to your life, and donate the rest. Donating doesn’t have to be complicated, try asking friends if they need something.

2. Start packing now

Whether you follow a strict sort-by-category method or you prefer packing room by room, start packing sooner rather than later. You won’t need your Christmas lights or your spare bedding in your new house immediately, so fill up your boxes with these things first.

3. Pack to unpack, load to unload

The thirty minutes you spend on logistics before the move can save you hours if not days once you arrive on the other side. Make sure you organize, pack and load according to how you want to unpack.

“At IKEA we love to share our knowledge and expertise when it comes to life at home. Anything from optimizing small spaces to sustainable storage solutions – we are here for the many people.”

Lina Aldén, Interior Designer at IKEA

4. Make it feel like home

Little things like temporary lighting, bathroom essentials, or a mobile wardrobe can help you settle in quicker. Cook a favorite meal or take out your coziest blankets and pillows to instantly feel at home.

IKEA 365+ glass food containers with bamboo lids filled with different foodstuffs, and wine glasses in a cozy setting.

5. Everything has its place

To make settling in easier, figure out where to place your big furniture first. You might need to move them around a few times before you find the perfect spot. Try to think about your routines and patterns to figure out your “flow”.

A hanging white shoe organizer hanging from the knob of a dark closet cabinet.

6. New house, new you

Maybe you’ve been wanting to lead a more sustainable life. Or perhaps you strive to be more organized. Whatever you want to improve, there’s no better time than when you are moving homes.

7. Reuse, recycle and get creative

You don’t have to throw away all your moving supplies. If you can’t recycle something, get creative and repurpose it. You’ll be surprised how many lives a plastic container can have.