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Furniture Buy Back & Resell Service Terms & Conditions

Effective date: October 26, 2022

These terms and conditions are in addition to, and do not affect, the IKEA Returns Policy or any other legal rights you may have under federal or state law.

How does it work?

At IKEA we believe our products deserve a second life. Under this service, participating stores will buy back specific IKEA furniture products from you in return for a refund card. We will then resell your second-hand furniture in our “As-Is” department, which provides a more affordable option for many consumers. Our goal for this service is to act more sustainably and take steps towards transforming into a circular company. More information about IKEA sustainability approach can be viewed here

To participate, you must follow each step of the online process outlined below.

What is the process for participating in Buy Back & Resell?

To participate in the service, you must follow the instructions and complete the Buy Back & Resell form (the “Form”) available here: The Form includes questions about the type and condition of the IKEA furniture you would like to return as well as additional information necessary to complete the process, including your contact information and IKEA Family number.

Please use the following guide when answering questions about the condition of your IKEA furniture:  

Once you answer each of the necessary questions in the Form you will receive an estimate of the buy back value of your IKEA furniture in the webform. You may also request the buy back value to be sent to you via email. Quotes are valid for a limited time; please check your confirmation email for additional details. 

You will need to bring a copy of the estimate, with your fully assembled product, to a participating location. Please enter through the Returns & Exchanges door. Once inside, check-in at the kiosk in the Returns & Exchange area and you will receive further instructions on how to proceed. 

All estimates are subject to a satisfactory physical inspection of the products by an IKEA co-worker and we will not accept your products until they have been inspected at the participating IKEA Store. The final offer price given by the IKEA co-worker is final and not open to negotiation. 

IKEA is not obligated to accept your used IKEA product if it does not fit the information you provided on the Form and you are not obligate to return the product if you are not happy with the price you are offered either in response to the Form or in store. Products that are not accepted must be taken away by the customer, products are not to be left on IKEA premises. If you choose not to participate in the Buy Back & Resell service and do not want to return it to your home, IKEA may recycle or dispose of it any way IKEA chooses. Any product left will be disposed of accordingly by IKEA.

This process is subject to change. Please check these terms and conditions before bringing your IKEA furniture to a store for your refund card.

What are the participating IKEA products for Buy Back & Resell?

The IKEA furniture buy back service is currently only available to buy back certain used personal IKEA furniture only (“Participating Products”). The Participating Products must be fully assembled and fully functional. Participating Products include KALLAX shelf units, BILLY bookcases, ALEX drawer units, MICKE desks, and BESTÅ storage combinations. Our intention is to re-sell your products to a new home, and we want to ensure that ‘buy back’ products purchased by customers are of a high quality and meet our obligations under applicable state and federal laws.

The following categories of products are not currently eligible for the buy back service:

  • Non-IKEA products
  • Home furnishing accessories including Lighting and Textiles
  • Add on units and componentry
  • Products that have been used outside including outdoor furniture
  • Mattresses & Bed Textiles (such as Blankets and Mattress toppers)
  • Kitchens including bench tops, cabinets and fronts
  • Modular Wardrobes and accessories
  • Electrical appliances/products
  • Chests of Drawers
  • “Hacked,” modified or painted products
  • Non-assembled products
  • Market hall products (including small kitchen goods, art, rugs & picture frames)
  • Upholstered or leather products
  • Sofas or armchairs
  • Plants
  • Items containing glass (including mirrors)
  • Children’s and Baby products (such as cribs, mattresses and change tables)
  • Beds and bed frames


*Products that have been recalled are not eligible for Buy Back & Resell, but you may be entitled to a full refund by returning them to your nearest IKEA store. More details are available on our Product Recalls page.

To be eligible for our Furniture buy-back service, Products must:

  • be structurally sound and safe
  • be in resalable condition
  • be of acceptable quality and fit for the purpose the products are or were advertised for
  • owned by you and not carrying any hidden debts or security interests
  • match our descriptions of the products and not be modified from their original state
  • meet the promises we make or propose to make about performance, condition and quality of the products

IKEA is unable to accept any products that do not meet the above eligibility criteria and does not agree to purchase any IKEA product without an in-store, physical inspection. IKEA reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse any product at the point of return.

What other terms apply?

The service is currently only available to IKEA Family members. You can find out more details about IKEA Family or sign up for the IKEA Family program here.   

IKEA reserves the right to limit the number of Participating Products that any individual or household may return as part of the service.

Participating stores may vary. IKEA does not guarantee that any IKEA store will participate in the Buy Back & Resell service at any time. To confirm that a store is participating, please only return your Participating Product to the location you identify in the Buy Back & Resell Form. Please follow the instructions you receive when you submit the form; you may need to schedule an appointment with a participating store to ensure that they are able to accept your return.

Please protect your IKEA refund card as if it was cash; replacement refund cards will not be issued under any circumstances unless required by law.

Products purchased under the Buy Back & Resell service are subject to our As-Is terms and conditions. They include no warranty and may not be returned through IKEA’s normal return process. Products purchased through the Buy Back & Resell service may participate in the Buy Back & Resell service again.

Dates are subject to change.