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Smart WiFi light bulbs

With smart LED light bulbs, any room can set the mood. Energized? Brighten those lights. Relaxed? Let’s dim the lights low. Creative? Pick a color for the room. All you have to do is grab your phone or remote control, adjust the settings, and let your smart bulbs show how you feel today.

Smart bulbs for a smart home

The light bulb has been a symbol for bright ideas for as long as we’ve basked in its glow. And smart wifi LED bulbs prove that you can always keep innovating.

With a smart bulb, you can have complete control over the lighting in your home. They are easy to install and can be conveniently controlled through a remote or through an app—check out our smart light switches to learn more.

Even better – with a smart wireless LED bulb, any of your favorite lamps can get an intelligence upgrade. That makes them incredibly easy to integrate into your current smart lighting design.

One of the best places to install smart bulbs is in the living room, where we spend a lot of time there with family and friends. Dim the lights for parties, turn them down completely for movie night or turn them up to help the kids with their homework. And have total control over your lighting without any need to get up—adjust the lighting wirelessly via remote control, with your smartphone or with voice command.

Upgrade your home lighting to smart LED light bulbs

It’s easy to get started with wireless light bulbs thanks to the fact that smart bulbs work in any light fixture. Control traditional lamps wirelessly thanks to smart bulbs being compatible with Android and iOS devices. Use your home Wifi network to link your smartphone and the IKEA Home smart app with a TRÅDFRI gateway that allows you to control wifi light bulbs and more. While you can add wireless control to traditional light fixtures with standard bulbs through wireless control outlets and motion sensors, why not enjoy color warming, dimming and other features like greater longevity and up to 85% more energy efficiency that make smart bulbs stand out? Link up to 10 smart bulb or light panels with a wireless remote control to allow you to control them all at once or set them all to a timer.

Frequently asked questions about smart LED light bulbs

What can’t smart bulbs do?

Your taxes. Nor can they give you any bright ideas on what to cook for dinner. What they can do though is pretty amazing thanks to a smart design that includes built-in convenience. Use a wireless remote control to dim the lights or adjust the color warming of your smart bulbs for a romantic dinner. Use voice command when paired with the IKEA Home smart app and TRÅDFRI gateway. Or set a timer via the app on your smartphone and you can do things like program the lights to wake you by gradually brightening in the morning.

Do smart bulbs need wi-fi?

Yes, to link with the TRÅDFRI gateway that is a small hub that connects your light sources to your IKEA Home smart app via your home WiFi network, so that you can control your wifi light bulbs from a mobile device anywhere in your home. The IKEA Home smart app will not control your IKEA smart lighting without the gateway.

What devices do smart bulbs work with?

Smart wifi light bulbs can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet or mobile device while being compatible with traditional lighting fixtures.