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Curtain wires, clips & hooks

A curtain wire is a simple and very affordable way to soften up your space with curtains. Our DIGNITET wire is versatile as it can go around corners, and be attached to the ceiling or the wall. And here's a tip: you can hang up curtains as room dividers, too. Find your best curtain solution here!

Use curtain wires and clips for a minimalist style

Combine the sleek, modern look of stainless steel with the flexibility of curtain wires and curtain hook clips to easily add window treatments, cover storage areas or add room divider curtains to your living room, bedroom or any space in the house. These metal curtain hooks and curtain spring wires with fittings will add a style of their own while helping you express yourself through curtains or drapes with a simple functionality.

Everything you need to hang curtain wires is here!

Put together a complete curtain wire set with stainless steel fittings and wiring that provide a clean, neutral design that offers many possibilities when combined with stainless steel hook clamps. Easily extend and retract drapes or pattern curtains that serve as room dividers, cover wardrobes or act as elegant window treatments. The metal fittings offer an adjustable angle for more flexible use and the wiring can be cut to a desired length. For longer stretches of curtain spring wire or for corners, use a support fixture with an adjustable angle. Be sure to complete your set with all the pieces you need for bringing greater convenience in adding style to your home décor.

Frequently asked questions about curtain wires

Can any curtains hang with these clips?

Yes, though longer stretches of wire or heavier curtains or drapes can require more support fixtures.

How do you hang curtains with wire?

With clamps that hang from the wire via hooks.

What do you need to hang curtains on wire?

Once you have your support fittings in place, the wire runs from one fitting to as many as you need. Suspend curtain hook clips from the curtain spring wire to hold elegant pattern curtains or drapes.